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Red Bull is converting Land Rover: party tanks with a stealth look

Red Bull
Red Bull is converting Land Rover
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R ed Bull is known for crazy ideas and crazy ones Fellow. But what the shower manufacturer has now put on 4 wheels tops everything. In Austria, a Land Rover 130 was turned into an armored party vehicle. After the conversion, nothing can be seen of the old body. The truck is more reminiscent of a mixture between the A-Team van and a stealth bomber.

Red Bull transforms Land Rover into party truck

You could do that with the angular four-wheel drive monster Transporting gold reserves of an entire country safely. Or nuclear weapons could be disposed of without the radiation escaping. But Red Bull had the strange vehicle constructed for one purpose only: To have a party!

Inside the riveted body, the finest hi-fi technology is housed. A DJ desk automatically extends from the checker plate roof. The turntables can put their discs on at a height of 3 meters and gather the party crowd around the truck. The entertainment equipment also includes a large screen and a powerful speaker system.

Stealth monster in matt black

Whether on the beach, in the jungle or in the backyard - the new event truck transforms any site into a party Location. We show you the first pictures in our gallery.


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