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Recall VW T6 (2015-2019): Risk of fire due to short circuit

Recall VW T6 (2015 to 2019)
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V olkswagen commercial vehicles has to recall 33,751 units of the current T6 generation to the workshops worldwide; 11,039 of them in Germany. These are VW buses with a short wheelbase and electric tailgate and electric sliding door, which were produced between July 23, 2015 and May 13, 2019. The cause is a leak above the control unit for the electric tailgate.

Be careful with the high-pressure cleaner

When washing the car with a high-pressure cleaner, water can penetrate the interior due to insufficient distance to the right side panel . If this happens repeatedly, it can damage the control unit and trigger an 'incomplete short circuit'. If air gets into the area through open windows, doors or the sunroof, this can cause a fire.

If the repair takes about one hour, the side panel of the affected vehicles will be sealed in the authorized workshop. The recall has the code “58D7” and is expected to start on Monday, July 22nd.


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