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Recall: Toyota investigates the cause of the stuck accelerator pedal

Toyota accelerator pedal recall
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S o can be achieved through the use of heating in cold temperatures or through other causes condensation occurs and 'lead to increased friction within the component.'

Spacer should reduce friction

This would lead to the accelerator pedal ( Here all the answers to the Toyota accelerator recall ) 'in rarely returns to its original position more slowly than usual, or in very rare cases remains in the actuated position. '

To remedy the problem, a spacer is inserted into the accelerator pedal component, which reduces the contact pressure between the surfaces and causes less friction. This spacer is also supposed to increase the compressive force of the spring that brings the accelerator pedal back into position.

Repairs will start in the USA this week - European date not yet known

Repair work on 2.3 million vehicles in the US will begin later this week. The necessary parts are already on their way to the dealers, and the mechanics have started training. It is not yet clear when the repairs will begin in Europe or in Germany. In addition to the eight model series from Toyota, there are also those with the Toyota Aygo identical models Peugeot 107 and Citroen C1 affected by the official recall via the Federal Motor Transport Authority.


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