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Recall for Tesla Model S: Power steering could fail

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Power steering could fail
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D he American electric car manufacturers had in one Email dated Thursday (March 29th, 2018) to inform his customers about the voluntary recall campaign. Accordingly, vehicles from the production period before April 2016 are affected.

Power steering may fail on Tesla Model S

According to the company, there were no accidents or injuries in connection with the shortage of the vehicle. The ability to steer would not be endangered, all that is needed is more power to steer, as the power assistance is limited or could fail completely.

Especially in cold regions where a lot of road salt is used to counter snow and ice , rust was found on the screws. For the workshop visit, the owners of the Tesla Calculate Model S around an hour. How many vehicles in Germany are affected by the recall is still unclear. When the recall became known, the company's share fell four percent after the hours.

Tesla is currently under massive pressure as the company is not making progress with the mass production of its latest Model 3 model. The American traffic safety authority NHTSA is currently investigating another fatal accident involving a Tesla model. In addition, Tesla had the Model S a problem with the e-car bonus. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa) initially removed the Model S from the list of eligible vehicles because it was not available in Germany for less than 60,000 euros. The electric car manufacturer has now been able to prove that the basic model is available in Germany at this price. Bafa then put it back on the e-car funding list.

In our photo show you will find the electric cars that are currently available on the German market ..


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