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Recall e.GO Life: Hat trick in the E-Zwerg

e.GO is recalling 750 Life vehicles. The reasons for this are problems with the parking brake, the front hood and the airbag.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) and e.GO have started a recall campaign. 750 vehicles from the production years 2019 and 2020 are affected worldwide. The car manufacturer has determined that there are three problem areas in the first 750 or so vehicles that the company needs to fix.

  1. The front hood lock can fail in the event of improper operation
  2. The parking brake cables can jam due to corrosion or frost formation
  3. The passenger airbag has only been approved for series use for a limited period of time

The affected vehicles will be given additional operating /Warnings and improved retaining straps for the front hood, a new handbrake cable with improved corrosion protection and a new passenger airbag installed. The recall campaign monitored by the KBA can be found under the KBA reference number 011028 and from the manufacturer under the codes SA20/028 parking brake, SA 20/029 front hood and SA 20/016 airbag.


e.Go has determined that three problems can arise with 750 Life model vehicles and is now asking the owners to take their vehicles to the workshops.


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