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Recall debacle: Toyota stops US sales of many models

Recall debacle
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The types affected by the sales ban also include the bestsellers Camry and C orolla .

Toyota wants to restore customer confidence

'The action is necessary until we can remedy the situation,' said Toyota manager Bob Carter in Torrance, California. The group has been working for weeks to get the problem under control. The accelerator pedal can get stuck when you press it. The US broadcaster ABC News has already reported accidents due to the defect. In total Toyota 2.3 million cars of the years Call back from 2005 to 2010. (' All current information on the Toyota accelerator pedal recall can be found here ')

' It is very important for our company to ensure the safety of our customers and to restore confidence in Toyota, 'said Carter . The breakdown severely scratches the image of the Japanese manufacturer, once known for its reliability. It was only last year that Toyota launched the largest recall since entering the US market in 1957. 4.2 million cars had to go to the workshops because a loose floor mat threatened to get under the brake pedal.

Around 1.7 million cars are affected by both defects: in the worst case, the pedal could jam at full throttle and the brake not grab. According to Toyota itself, however, there have been no accidents due to the jammed accelerator pedals. On Monday it became known that Toyota had known about the defect for weeks.

Toyota is considering recall for Germany and Europe

A spokeswoman for Toyota Germany said on Wednesday that it was still unclear for the German and European markets in which models the problematic accelerator pedals were installed. This has been checked for several days in Tokyo and at the European headquarters in Brussels. The company cannot provide any information about how many cars in Germany may be affected, said spokeswoman Susanne Knechtges in Cologne. But it is clear that even with onlyan affected model and only a small number of units a recall campaign for the German market would be initiated.

The Japanese carmaker sold nearly 138,500 cars nationwide last year. That was an increase of 43.1 percent, which was mainly due to the scrapping bonus. The market share in Germany rose slightly to 3.6 percent in 2009.


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