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Recall debacle - Toyota relies on quality: Toyota launches quality assurance initiative

Recall debacle - Toyota counts on quality
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' We want the trust of Win back customers ', he said at the headquarters in the city Toyota . The body consists of 50 people, who cover all regions of the world at Toyota, and is chaired by Toyoda.

Toyota wants to further improve quality

Toyota has recalled more than eight million cars around the world to fix the accelerator pedals and floor mats. Three out of four affected vehicles are registered in the United States.

In addition, almost half a million hybrid cars have to go to the workshops due to brief brakes. The US traffic safety authority puts 52 deaths in connection with the technical defects. In very few cases, however, has so far been proven that Toyota is to blame.

More freedom of choice for individual regions

The company, which has grown rapidly worldwide in the past few years and where decisions are traditionally made by the headquarters in Japan, wants to give managers in the individual regions more influence and more powers in the case of recall decisions. In this way you want to be able to react faster to customer complaints. The special committee for global quality assurance has 50 people, including the heads of quality from central regions such as North America, Europe and China, and is chaired by CEO Toyoda himself.

The special team is to review all processes including vehicle design, production and sales. The respective heads of quality in the world regions will inform the corporate headquarters in the city of Toyota directly about customer complaints. The work of the panel will be assessed by four outside experts, said Toyoda. The first results are to be presented in June. Similar special staffs for quality assurance are also formed in the regions, with external experts reviewing their work there too.

Group boss Toyoda had previously admitted that in the course of the rapid global expansion, employee training had been neglected. To counteract this, new training centers will be available in Julywas founded in Japan, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China with the motto 'customer-first'. In this way, top experts in matters of quality assurance are to be trained.

U m to underline its efforts to further improve its quality assurance, the group offered at On Tuesday, journalists from all over the world were given a glimpse into its quality center at the headquarters in Toyota, which until recently was regarded as the measure of all things in the entire industry. With state-of-the-art test equipment, a wide variety of automotive areas - from the development phase to the testing of rejected parts - are put through their paces under different conditions.


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