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Recall campaign Mercedes-Benz C- and S-Class

A faulty nozzle causes trouble in the Mercedes-Benz models C and S class.

Exactly 2,779 Mercedes-Benz C- and S-Class vehicles (year of construction 2021) are affected by a recall campaign worldwide. In Germany, 370 owners have to be prepared for mail from Mercedes. The reason for the action is a faulty nozzle in the fuel pump, which can lead to drive failure.,

When it becomes necessary to visit the workshop, Mercedes checks the fuel system and, if necessary, replaces the tank including the suction jet pump. The recall can be found at the Federal Motor Transport Authority under reference number 011173 and at the manufacturer under code 4790015.,


Mercedes is currently recalling 2,779 C- and S-Class models worldwide due to problems with the fuel pump. In Germany, 370 vehicles are affected.


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