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Rear fog light: when on, when off, how much does it cost?

The rear fog light on the car is mandatory and its operation is also subject to certain rules. Only a few stick to it, to the annoyance of those driving behind. We clarify.

In the coming autumn time when there is a high risk of fog, many drivers will probably forget to use the rear fog lights in a species-appropriate manner.

Rear fog light - This applies:

  • The fog light may only be switched on in fog from a visibility of less than 50 meters . (§17 StVO Abs. 3)
  • You can check the distance using the delineators on the side of the road. For example, they are spaced 50 meters apart on the freeway.
  • If the rear fog light is switched on , the driver has to adjust the speed to the weather conditions. He or she is not allowed to drive faster than 50 km/h -this also applies to motorways! (§ 3 StVO paragraph 1).
  • Even if the rear fog light is not switched on , the speed limit of 50 km/h applies with visibility of less than 50 meters in fog, snowfall and rain. Because: There is no obligation to switch on the rear fog light!
  • Also in town you can drive with rear fog light .
  • Rear fog light - That's what it costs:

    If a driver is driving with the rear fog light or headlights switched on, although visibility conditions do not allow them to be used, a fine of 20 euros will be due. With danger it is 25 euros , with an accident 35 euros . If the rear fog light is defective or if it lights up in a color other than red, 15 euros will be charged.

    Rear fog light - This must:

    The rear fog light has been one of the mandatory devices for lighting vehicles since 1991 and may only be red. Section 53d paragraph 2 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) stipulates: "Multi-lane motor vehicles whose design-based maximum speed is more than 60 km/h and their trailers must have one or two rear vehicles, other motor vehicles and trailers may also have one rear vehicle a rear fog light." In addition, the driver must be informed that the rear fog light is switched on by a yellow warning light (§ 53d Paragraph 5) in the cockpit.

    The following applies to classic cars: If the vehicle was first registered after December 31, 1990, the model must have a rear fog light. Retrofitting is recommended before January 1, 1991, but is not mandatory. The following applies to car trailers: If they are approved for more than 60 km/h, they need a rear fog light. This also applies to caravans or horse trailers.

    , Also annoyed by the rear fog light terror? In our photo show we show you other annoying types of drivers.


    It's autumn and the rear fog lights are on - even when there is no fog. The rules for turning it on and off are very simple. Visibility less than 50 meters? Switch it on and drive no faster than 50. Visibility over 50 meters? Turn off.


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