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Readers' choice & # 34; The best cars & # 34 ;: Category H, the convertibles

Readers' choice 'The best cars'
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Z at 36th' The best cars ' to choose from - more than 300 models in ten categories. The expert jury is the auto motor und sport readers. Three dream cars with a total value of around 350,000 euros will be raffled off among the participants.

As every year, auto motor und sport readers are asked to vote for 'The Best Cars'. For 2012, 311 candidates are starting, including 44 completely new models and 32 revised series.

How to vote:

Election categories
You have two votes
First vote in each category: Overall winner
Second vote in each category: Import winner
A Minicars
B Small cars
C Compact class
D Middle class
E Upper middle class
F Luxury class
G sports cars
H convertibles
I off-road vehicles
K Vans

Click here to participate in the Readers' choice .

Readers can cast a maximum of 20 votes, the deadline for 'The Best Cars 2012' is January 5th, 2012
As a participant in the readers' choice ' The best cars 2012 'you have two votes: With the first vote, the best car within the ten categories is chosen. You can cast the second vote for the best car in the import class. The second vote does not apply if you have already decided on an imported car as the best in your class. Please enter your vote on one of the election postcards attached to issue 22/2011. Answering the additional questions asked there is voluntary. Regardless of your voting decision, all tickets submitted will take part in the final draw for the three winning cars. The closing date for entries is January 5th, 2012. The date of the postmark applies. The judges' decision is final. You can request additional voting cards by phone at 0711 /182-1585 or by fax at 0711 /182-1908.


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