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Readers' choice & # 34; Best Cars 2017 & # 34;: Mercedes beats BMW and Audi

Readers' choice 'Best Cars 2017' Obere Mittelkasse
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L airy interiors, excellent workmanship and lots Comfort: This is how the upper middle class presents itself. It goes without saying that one of the classic business cars from Audi, BMW and Mercedes has to win the vote for the best car. And which car would be better suited than a Mercedes E-Class? With 22.8 percent of all votes, he won confidently.

'Best Cars 2017' Volvo wins ahead of Maserati and Jaguar

The BMW 5 Series took second place with a whopping 18.4 percent of the readers' votes. With almost 18.3 percent, the Audi A6 follows in 3rd place and beats the sportier version of its kind - the Audi A7 Sportback. With a meager 10.2 percent of the vote, this took 4th place, but was still ahead of fifth - the Volvo S90 /V90.

Jaguar got a rather sobering result. With 4.1 percent, it not only occupies eighth place, but is also behind Maserati, which defends seventh place with 5.4 percent. The 12th place is intended for the Infiniti Q70 after the readers' poll. After all, not the last place, because the Hyundai Genesis occupies 0.3 percent.

You can find the overall result of the readers' choice “Best Cars 2017” in the upper middle class category in the photo show.


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