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Range Rover Sentinel: special protection SUV with supercharged V8

Range Rover Sentinel
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P crackers have to stay outside. With massive armor and numerous technical refinements, the Range Rover Sentinel offers the highest possible protection against fire and a variety of other attacks. The Sentinel is based on the Range Rover Autobiography with a normal wheelbase - so the luxury of luxury on board is already guaranteed. The Sentinel is powered by a five-liter supercharged V8 that accelerates the Sonderscutz SUV from zero to 100 km /h and up to 193 km /h in 10.3 seconds. In view of an empty weight of 4.4 tons, this is impressive.

Range Rover Sentinel as a rolling castle

The core of the occupant protection is a six-part armored passenger cell made of high-strength steel. The armor is complemented by tinted multilayer armored glass. The Range Rover thus meets the requirements of resistance class VR8. In other words, the Sentinel can withstand fire with high-speed armor-piercing incendiary ammunition of the caliber 7.62 millimeters. The car also offers side protection against explosions with 15 kilos of TNT and fends off attacks with DM51 hand grenades from below the vehicle and above the roof.

Prices? No comment

The safety package also includes a tamper-proof exhaust system, a self-sealing fuel tank, safety tires with emergency running properties on special 20-inch rims, an emergency power supply with a second battery and a separate charging system. A 150 millimeter wide opening in the side window on the driver's side allows for easy exchange of documents, while the side windows of the trunk are also made of bulletproof glass. Additional protection systems can be ordered optionally. This includes fire extinguishing systems for the underbody and engine compartment, an individually adjustable siren system, emergency lights and an external intercom. The Range Rover Sentinel is built according to customer requirements. Prices are only available on request. The space available in the interior remains untouched. The payload is a whopping 650 kg. In order to ensure driving dynamics and off-road properties also in the tank version, the chassis and braking system have been adapted to the increased weight.


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