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Ram 1500 Laramie 3.0 EcoDiesel in the test

Torsten Seibt
Ram 1500 Laramie 3.0 EcoDiesel Crewcab Shortbox
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A mountain of a car - next to the R on the pickup a VW Amarok ducks ashamed away as if it were a small car. Almost six meters long, over two meters wide (without a mirror, of course), a radiator grille the size of a Central European garage door.

No, no clichés today, wide country, lonely rider and so on. The Ram 1500 doesn't need that, it works for itself. But imagine: Ram 1500 Laramie 3.0 CRD EcoDiesel Crewcab Shortbox. Incidentally, it no longer bears the name “Dodge” since 2009, when “Ram Trucks” was spun off as its own sub-brand.

Doge Ram? No, just Ram

In any case, there must be enough time for the detailed presentation, because in his home country, where full-size pickups sell better than any nasty car, the Ram alone has so many equipment variants, body combinations with different Wheelbases, cabins, flatbeds and weight classes that can take a few days to go through this choice when making a purchase decision. That is why the type designations are a little longer than for a Golf GTI. A third agony of choice has recently been added, the 'EcoDiesel' from the long type designation. This makes the Ram more European than expected: the three-liter machine comes from Fiat subsidiary VM-Motori and has long been known to German Jeep customers from the current Grand Cherokee. The Ram comes to Germany through a subsidiary of the Canadian importer: AEC Europe GmbH in Munich is an authorized importer for Dodge and Ram, operates its own dealer network and handles warranty processing and financing transactions. A very international story until a German customer can receive his new Ram 1500. Officially, AEC is expected to bring the Ram to dealers at the end of the year, hence our provisional approximate price.

After the first “Wow, what a chunk!” We go into the parlor, in the a small car could also be parked. The large crew cab offers so much space on all chairs that even a Mercedes S-Class is envious. Newly in love could not choose a wrong car: separate from the center console inBuilt-in cupboard format, the front passenger is just within shouting distance.

So it is optimistic that the Laramie Ram 1500 counteracts the threat of loneliness with its extremely feudal equipment. The UConnect multimedia system known from the Fiat-Chrysler group offers the full range of entertainment options that are common today, the fine leather seats can be heated and air-conditioned, and the heated multifunctional leather steering wheel is a blessing for lantern parkers after cold winter nights. The scope of equipment corresponds pretty much to the top Jeep model Grand Cherokee Overland, certainly not known for its ascetic furniture.

Downtown is only possible with humor

In view of the sheer size, one thing is clear from the start: Anyone who goes into the hustle and bustle of inner-city traffic with the Ram or searches for a parking space in the airport car park needs a large portion of serenity and humor. German standard parking spaces just fit with a lot of width, but there is still a lot of car left after the parking lot markings either in the back or in the front.

The diesel cruiser prefers the wilderness, where it really stands out can. A speed step is selected using a rotary switch and the ship can leave the parking bay. It doesn't take long until the first aha moment: the Ram Ecodiesel can actually spring. In contrast to the vast majority of other pickups, its rear axle is supported by coil springs against the frame, which instead of the sometimes nasty trampling of the leaf spring competition helps to create real comfort. The 2.8 tons swayed calmly towards the horizon, while the V6 diesel gently pulls the larger gears from the eight-speed automatic. Excessive hectic pace is not only alien to the Ram Ecodiesel because of the set-up, it is also not particularly expedient to exercise a heavy foot on the gas. The diesel can zoom the big chunk in a respectable time to country road speed, but frenzy is pretty much the last thing you want in the Ram 1500. Chassis, steering, weight - everything about it calls for you to become aware of the remarkable level of comfort and to travel at a slower pace.

On the motorway, things can also be a bit faster, with a cruising speed of 140-150 km /h you arrive at your destination rested and relaxed. At 170, the voluntary self-control of the motor control draws a gentle boundary, the Ram simply won't get any faster.

Ram EcoDiesel - the name says it all

With all of this, the biggest surprise is actually the look on the fuel gauge. Because the Ram Ecodiesel moves suspiciously slowly, barely noticeable. In fact, there is no problem driving the big thing 100 kilometers with a consumption of less than ten liters. The usual, compassionate, smug tone of voice, “What does he need?so? ”- the question at the gas station that owners of US cars have had to live with for decades can be answered with a smile. The Ram Ecodiesel doesn't even start to drink indecently when it's driven really quickly on the highway. More than 15 liters do not go through, even with very indecent driving.

When used as a workhorse, the cuddly giant shows its second face: in order to create trailers weighing up to 3.5 tons, you can get on this side of a full-fledged truck can't imagine much better. In view of the enormous dimensions, a bit surprising: the 5.7 'platform used in the Crew Cab is not significantly longer than that of a Japanese mid-size pickup - the price for the dance hall that the cabin offers passengers. After all, it offers real added value compared to Hilux and the like in terms of width.

The subject of terrain is quickly dealt with with the standard Ram 1500 Ecodiesel: 3.6 meter wheelbase in connection with deep running boards prevent any greater ambition Huge chunks go aground even with harmless faults in the driveway. If you want more, you have to invest in a lift kit and significantly larger tires to significantly increase the ground clearance and, above all, the ramp angle. Then it gets rough in the vegetables and the ram mutates into an armored recovery vehicle. The Ram Ecodiesel comes with the technical requirements for this (short reduction, acceptable twisting thanks to coil springs) as standard. And a remarkably generous selection of drive options: the automatic all-wheel drive can be switched off for pure rear-wheel drive, the all-wheel drive can also be centrally blocked in the street level, in the switchable off-road reduction (all this is commanded by pressing a button) the through drive is always rigid.


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