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Rally Fighter at SEMA: Offroad Kit Car from the Internet

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Rally Fighter at SEMA
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U nter the numerous submissions from the Local Motors community The company management selected Sangho Kim's design last year and put an extremely dynamic prototype on the wheels based on his design. This already made its debut at SEMA 2009 in Las Vegas. Thanks to the fiberglass construction and the use of weight-saving materials, the 4.80 long and up to 1.76 meter high rally fighter weighs only around 1,450 kilograms.

Rally Fighter with V8 power

The off-roader is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 with 436 hp and a maximum torque of 574 Nm. Originally it was planned to equip the model with an in-line six-cylinder diesel from the BMW shelf, which brings it to 286 hp and a maximum torque of 580 Nm. What remained is the power transmission to the rear axle with an automatic transmission. The chassis is also height-adjustable - depending on the setting, wheel-tire combinations in 17-inch format and tire sizes up to 275/70 are used.

The Massachusetts-based rally fighter is aiming for the base price Company around 50,000 US dollars, i.e. around 37,000 euros. Interested customers can of course find inspiration in the design ideas of the Local Motors community on the Internet and have their Rally Fighter put together according to their own personal preferences. Local Motors plans to launch around 3,000 rally fighters, according to initial information. In the next step, the individual kit cars are to be offered and set up in small branches - also in service centers. The first of these so-called 'micro-factories' have already been put into operation in Wareham, Massachusetts and in Phoenix, Arizona. Another 50 are to follow. Those who have tasted blood can already secure the Rally Fighter for a deposit of 99 dollars.


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