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Rally Cologne-Ahrweiler 2012: Berlandy defeated the Quattro in an Opel Ascona

Hardy Mutschler
Rallye Köln-Ahrweiler 2012
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D he Berlandy has won again: for the eighth time the tall rally driver from Stromberg rolled over the finish ramp as the overall winner. That sounds like a boring sequel story. But it wasn't: This edition of the young timer rally in the narrow Ahr valley and in the inhospitable Eifel forests was more exciting and high-quality than anything before: a top vintage.

pouring rain and five best times for Audi Quattro

In the pouring rain, the success of Berlandy and Schaaf even hangs by a thread on the last test. With the already heavily worn rain tires, the rear-wheel drive car floats and can only be kept on the road with a lightning-fast reaction. In the dark Bad Neuenahr forest, Berlandy appeased himself with a short self-talk - and brought the 250 hp Opel Ascona A safely to the finish line.

The evening before, on the other side of the Ahr valley, Georg Berlandy and Peter Schaaf were chasing after began. With the first of a total of five best times, Anton Werner and co-driver Ralph Edelmann take the lead in the Cologne-Ahrweiler rally. But far more important for the many spectators: Werner re-ignites the hissing five-cylinder turbo in his Audi Quattro, identical in construction to the legendary factory rally coupés from Ingolstadt in the early 1980s.

Berlandy defeats all-wheel drive

With the 300 hp four-wheel drive, the Bavarians are wide awake on the main rally day of the Cologne-Ahrweiler rally and challenge the favorites with the second fastest time. But in the next stage, Berlandy attacks: On the track, which is peppered with tight corners and a gravel section, he is 15.6 seconds faster than Quattro driver Werner and takes the lead, which he should not give up until the finish line.

Werner asserts himself on a total of 14 special stages with around 150 kilometers against Walter Gromöller and Klaus Brökelmann in the Opel Ascona 400. In the event of an accident on the first stage of the day with cold tires, the Westphalians not only have parts of the left front section but also lost almost 20 seconds. After all, they are still fighting their way to third place in the overall ranking.

German champion with a fighter's heart

For them Record rally champions Matthias Kahle and Peter Göbel end the race to catch up in the Skoda 130 RS in 16th place overall and with a class win. The team that is used to successis at the start for the first time with the 134 hp Czech rear-wheel drive car. In the first stage on Friday evening, the Rally David only finished 56th overall: This means that one of the stars of the Youngtimer rallies on the main day is far back in the field.

The main thing is cross

The biggest fan favorite at the Cologne-Ahrweiler rally is Edwin Wolves from the Netherlands with his Opel Kadett C Coupé. The powerful four-cylinder engine provides the acoustic prelude to the daring drifts of the Kadett-Kadett from Wierden, a place in the east of the Netherlands. The times are secondary for the Opel cross driver - the main thing is the spectacular number of corners. Wolves and his co-driver Ferdi ter Maat crown their journey with victory in the Gold Cup, the rating for cars that have been further developed using classic regulations.

The detailed report from the Cologne-Ahrweiler Rally is available in the Youngtimer 1/2013, from January 2nd, 2012 at the kiosk.


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