Racechip presents tuning via smartphone

Racechip presents tuning via smartphone
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D a is what you get with your new VW Golf R and 300 hp at a traffic light next to a 26 hp more powerful BMW M135i and actually has no chance in the sprint - if you didn't have your smartphone with you.

Because an app is installed on it that gives the Golf 76 more -PS, so a total of 376. Just like that, with the touch of the touchscreen. Sounds like a software geek's wet dream? Not quite. With the 'Racechip Ultimate Connect' this scenario should become reality. It would be the first time. We took a closer look at the smartphone tuning.

Tuning boxes intervene in the engine electronics

The secret of the supposedly new type of tuning box is a technology that is in principle quite old: Bluetooth . With this wireless connection, the box in the engine compartment can be controlled from the smartphone. There are three settings in the Racechip Ultimate app: 'Efficiency', 'Sport' and 'Race' - each of the three settings increases the performance. The lowest in the 'Efficiency' program, while the 'Race' program calls up the maximum power that the additional control unit produces. If desired, the parameters can be individually adapted to the needs of the customer. A warm-up timer integrated in the app monitors the warm-up time of the engine.

The tuning box ('black box') itself has been around for a while, and it is also offered by manufacturers such as Abt Sportsline or MTM. The box is - to put it simply - to the Connected to the engine electronics and changes various parameters there. These include, for example, the amount of fuel injected, the injection pressure, injection and ignition times and the boost pressure of the turbocharger or compressor. The goal is as classic as the measures: more power, higher torque, better acceleration.

But classic chip tuning and tuning boxes definitely have disadvantages, even if the tuners don't always like to mention them: the engine and transmission have to be increased Withstand the load.

Racechip offers a two-year guarantee - subject to conditions

Above all: with the increase in performance, the manufacturer's guarantee expires. Some tuners take over the manufacturer's guarantee, Racechip does something different: They offer a two-year guarantee as a sedative against the worries of subsequent tuning. The guarantee can be described as extensive and protects almost all parts of the drive train. Is excludedhowever, the entire clutch construction, a part that is more heavily loaded with higher power, but above all higher torque. Good: The turbocharger is also covered by the guarantee; It is valid for two years.

In order to be able to take out the guarantee, however, certain conditions are required. For example, the vehicle must be registered in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Furthermore, the 100,000 kilometer mark must not be exceeded at the time of tuning. Taxis, driving school cars and rental cars are also excluded. Regular maintenance and inspection work must of course also be carried out - otherwise the guarantee will expire. In the event that damage actually occurs, Racechip will reimburse the costs incurred for a repair up to a maximum of 5,000 euros.

And what does the smartphone tuning cost?

The price for the app-controlled increase in performance for the 300 hp VW Golf VII R is 549 euros. A maximum of 376 hp can then be called up from the two-liter four-cylinder turbo at the traffic lights. And the BMW M135i? With the Racechip Ultimate he achieves 399 hp - for the same money as the golf driver. The tuning is also available for many other vehicles.


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