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Qoros stops the European offensive: a flop in China, idle in Europe

Qoros stops Europe offensive
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' We will not delete Europe completely. But we will no longer dream of great successes. Instead, the subject will be idle for a while move ', Murtaugh told Wirtschaftswoche.' The European market is very, very important. But not today and not tomorrow. '

Murtaugh's predecessor, the former VW manager Volker Wascher wanted to conquer the European market with Qoros models in 2016. Since 2013, the Qoros has been the European test in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava 3.

Qoros only sells 600 vehicles a month in China

In an interview with auto motor und sport in 2012, the Qoros CEO Guo Qianjoch explains: “We want to become the leading Chinese brand in Western Europe.” The plant in Chanshu is initially designed for 150,000 units, but could be expanded to 260,000. Thereafter, the plan is to mirror the plant and expand capacity to 500,000 .

Already at the beginning of the year there were first indications that Qoros is not particularly successful in its home market with almost 600 vehicles sold per month. This contrasted with a very high self-perception, after all, they wanted to be in China Number r 1 advance.

Qoros with an investment of 2 billion by 2015

The prerequisites for the European market has been very good. In 2013, the Qoros 3 passed the important EuroNCAP crash test as the safest car of the year; the former mini designer Gert Hildebrand was responsible for the design. The supplier Magna Steyr and the Austrian drive specialist AVL have been brought on board for the development work. Qoros is also doing well when it comes to the model portfolio. In addition to the hatchback version of the Qoros 3, there is a hatchback version. A compact SUV was shown as well as a Qoros 2 SUV with hybrid drive and a luxury sedan - but only as concept cars.

Qoros is a joint venture between the Chinese car manufacturer Chery and the industrial holding Israel Corporation the multibillionaire Idan Ofer. They wanted to invest 2 billion euros in the brand by 2015.


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