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Qoros 2 SUV PHEV at the Shanghai Auto Show: Mini SUV attack on Countryman and Co.

Qoros 2 SUV PHEV at the Shanghai Auto Show
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Qoros 2 SUV PHEV receives small car platform from Chery

T snot of big announcements, the appearance on the European market is still a long time coming. First, the brand, a joint venture between the Chinese auto multinational Chery and the financial holding Israel Corporation, has to consolidate in the Chinese market. After all, it sold around 7,000 cars in China last year, at least a start.

With the Qoros 2 SUV PHEV study, the Chinese are launching a B-segment SUV, i.e. a Competitor for Countryman, Juke, Capture and Co. And this first draft of the brand is not based on the larger substructure of the models already in production, but on a small car platform from the parent company Chery.

Qoros mini-SUV with electrified rear axle

The study was carried out in just ten weeks in the Qoros studios in Munich and Shanghai under the leadership of Gert Volker Hildebrand . Of course, the 4.2 meter short and 1.55 meter high SUV is not yet a drivable car, but there are still ideas about how the Qoros mini SUV could drive. A first hint can be found in the name. The cryptic abbreviation PHEV stands for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, with the electrified rear axle upgrading the front-wheel drive to an all-wheel drive. In urban surroundings, the Qoros should also be able to move purely electrically. Several possible driving modes are being considered, including sport, all-wheel drive and hybrid mode.

New to the system in the Qoros: A plate on the floor of the car should enable inductive charging, and an automatically extending charging arm should also provide contact produce special charging stations automatically. This is of course still a long way off, but some of the design ideas will likely reappear on future Qoros models. For example, the emphasized vertical alignment of the headlights and taillights, a cleverly revived styling feature, or the large, smooth tailgate, the asymmetrical accents with red decorations only on the driver's side or the paint tones based on the colors of traditional Chinese ceramics.

Nobody wants to talk out loud about a possible series production of the Qoros 2 SUV PHEV on the part of the manufacturer. It is a trade fair study. Not more, but definitely not less


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