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Purchase advice Opel Mokka: The way to the small SUV

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Opel Mokka purchase advice
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T he trend as such generally has little feeling for it whether he comes in handy. When the compact SUV boom breaks out in our country, it takes Opel too long to develop its very own car. So the engineers for the Mocha take over the basic structure from the company's cousin Chevrolet Trax. Because we still have it at that time, Opel strives not only to differentiate itself in terms of style but also to upgrade its technology. The developers have equipped the Mocha, which was initially built in Korea and since 2014 also in Spain, with a wide range of engines, comfort and safety extras. We'll find the best combination.

Petrol or diesel? Turbo!

Let's start with the engines. In the whole range there is only one naturally aspirated engine, the 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 115 hp - but also only to have an inexpensive entry-level model that costs 18,990 euros in the sparse Basic Selection. Only eight percent of customers choose the vacuum cleaner that combines bland temperament with the highest standard consumption. The most ordered engine, the 1.4-liter turbo gasoline engine (from Edition, 22,675 euros), ranks 1,340 euros further north. It also injects via the intake manifold and not directly, but has a massive 200 Nm at 1,850 rpm. The 1.4 Turbo accelerates a bit cheekily through its six jerky gears, but its temperament is on par with rivals like the Skoda Yeti 1.4 TSI. In contrast, the engine cannot keep up with more modern direct injection engines in the test consumption (8.2 l /100 km). The second most popular engine, the 136 hp 1.6 liter turbo diesel, is more economical. Since it costs 2,210 euros more than the turbo gasoline engine, it is only worthwhile for frequent drivers. Alternatively, there is the diesel with 110 hp, but that saves only 700 euros and nothing in terms of consumption.

A third drive variant is available for 24,220 euros: the 1.4 LPG achieves almost the same performance as the normal one with LPG 1.4 Turbo, fuel costs are over 40 percent lower. Incidentally, Opel only combines the 136 hp diesel and the 1.4 turbo for 1,300 euros with a six-speed automatic.

Once two or four times four?

And only these two engines are also available with all-wheel drive: for diesel for 2,000 euros, for petrol for 1,860 euros. Although both are around ten percent above the front-wheel drive vehicles in terms of standard consumption, the test did not reveal any differences. Greater off-road talentEven the Mokka 4x4 is unable to develop because of the tight ground clearance of 15.8 cm. In addition, the handling worsens with all-wheel drive, the ESP intervenes more coarsely.

Whereby winding country parts are not exactly one of the core competencies of the Mocha. In addition, the steering lacks precision and feedback. In addition, even with 18-inch tires it rubs into understeer early - despite the tight set-up with which the 4.28-meter-short SUV roughly responds to short bumps.

Innovation and the Mocha

Our favorite, the 1.4 Turbo, is only available from Edition equipment, so it brings air conditioning, the radio 600 with USB and Bluetooth and 17-inch Aluminum wheels with. But we recommend the innovation, which is 2,425 euros more expensive. It is cheaper because it has many important extras as standard - in addition to the excellent bi-xenon adaptive light (Edition: 1,250 euros), the electric and comfort package - i.e. automatic air conditioning, electrically folding exterior mirrors and parking sensors front and rear. The edition costs 975 euros. Also included is the OnStar telematics service (otherwise 490 euros) with WiFi connection and accident emergency number.

To prevent an accident in the first place, we recommend the front camera with collision warning, lane departure warning and traffic sign recognition (700 euros). In addition to niceties such as the comfortable ergonomic seats (685 euros), the rear view camera (295 euros) and the navigation system 950 Europa (900 euros), it is also worth leafing through the last pages of the price list. You can find 16-inch complete winter wheels for 700 euros and the extended warranty to five years /75,000 km for 399 euros.

That makes 28,779 euros for the perfect mocha. It has developed into something better than a trend: a success. After the Corsa, it is at times the most popular Opel among private customers.

Opel's old strength: a car at the right time

One can discuss how good the not particularly spacious and little variable mocha is in the In comparison to his rivals, he has never won an auto motor und sport test. But with it, Opel, like the Tigra or Zafira, had the right model again at the right time. Although it shares a lot of technology with the cheaper Chevrolet Trax, the engineers have clearly improved the base. He doesn't like winning a lot of tests. But many customers.


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