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Purchase advice Honda Civic: Highly variable compact UFO

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S pointed nose, flat windscreen, plus a crossbar over the rear window, that obstructs the view to the rear - is that what a practical everyday car looks like? Absolutely, because like a punk with a Riester pension, the flashy outfit of the new Honda Civic belies the solid character.

The ninth edition of the golf competitor Honda Civic, which has been built since 1972, also has the proven Back seat with folding cinema seats. If only the seat is raised, the result is a noticeably high load space in which bicycles or flat-screen TVs can be transported upright. If you lay the backrest flat, the seat again dips so deep that there is a step-free and level loading floor.

Honda Civic is luggage champion in the compact class

The Honda Civic is one of the most variable and spacious representatives in its class: With a standard volume of 477 liters, no compact person can swallow luggage anymore Despite the overall airy feeling of space, the headroom at the rear is still limited. Also noticeable: the significantly improved quality. While the previous interior disappointed with the appearance of a plastic watering can, the new Honda Civic shines with padded plastics, a velvety flocked glove compartment and nice details such as the leather-clad steering column. In addition, it is easier to operate than the fighter jet cockpit would suggest. So you get used to the high-mounted digital speedometer just as quickly as to the shift lever of the precise six-speed gearbox, which is placed close to the driver.

The asphalt revolutionary has also worked on his manners: thanks to optimized insulation, engine and Rolling noises are muffled into the interior of the Honda Civic, while wind noises are hardly noticeable even when driving on the motorway - also thanks to the drop in drag coefficient of 0.27. In a direct comparison with the predecessor, more finely appealing dampers are noticeable, which especially filter out short bumps more skillfully. The revised rear axle of the Honda Civic with hydraulic bearings instead of rubber bushings also ensures smoother suspension comfort. The more mature driving experience is at the expense of agility.

Honda Civic less light-footed than its predecessor

Despite the direct steering, the 4.30 meter long Honda Civic no longer throws itself completely as light-footed in turns asso far and leans more to the side. Nevertheless, it remains neutral and safely controllable for a long time. Speaking of safe: For the first time, Honda is offering the CMBS collision warning system known from CR-V and Accord in the compact class. A radar sensor behind the radiator grille permanently monitors the distance to the vehicle in front and sounds the alarm if there is a threat of collision. It also supports the driver when braking. The system combined with proximity cruise control costs around 2,000 euros extra.

However, there is hardly any progress with the engine range of the Honda Civic. At the start of series production, the two slightly redesigned naturally aspirated petrol engines with 1.4 and 1.8 liter displacement (100 and 142 hp, respectively) are used, which only overcome their lethargy at high engine speeds. The best, but also the most expensive choice therefore remains the 2.2-liter diesel with 150 hp, which cultivates the Honda Civic and powers it confidently. At the end of 2012, a small diesel with just over 100 hp will follow. However, a hybrid variant is not planned.

After all, a start-stop system is part of the standard equipment of the Honda Civic, as is the green Econ button, with which the accelerator pedal characteristic and climate control can be switched to Knauser mode. The compact UFO is not only astonishingly practical, as a diesel with a standard consumption of 4.2 liters /100 km, it is also extremely economical.


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