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Purchase advice annual car: Plea for second hand

Purchase advice for annual vehicles
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H Have you already thought about birthday presents? Parents, partners or children are taken care of, but what are you indulging in? How about a new car? Importers in particular are currently offering fairytale discounts for their new cars. There are high trade-in bonuses such as with Jeep, special models from Renault and Citroën or promotions for series models from Nissan.

Annual car often much cheaper

The compact cars are particularly popular with discounts on list prices
between 3,000 (Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost) and 3,700 euros (Toyota Auris) . What seems wonderful at first glance can be put into perspective with a look at the prices for annual cars: The Renault Mégane Grandtour is a hefty 6,000 euros more expensive than a one year old used one, the Auris is still 4,000 euros. With the Focus (5,000 euros difference), the recently introduced three-cylinder engine speaks in favor of the new model - a clear step forward compared to the rather narrow-chested four-cylinder basic unit in the year-old car.

In the SUV segment, Jeep and Nissan are currently offering two particularly affordable models: the Compass and the X-Trail. Both are exotic in the registration statistics and already inexpensive as new, but the used model is much cheaper. This is particularly clear with the Nissan X-Trail, which is available for 10,000 euros less. In absolute terms, the lowest price difference is for small cars, although it is particularly significant in this category.

New cars are no alternative

For around 2,600 euros more than the second-hand copy of the Citroën C1 there is the special model Cool and Sound (8,690 euros). However, this difference of around 30 percent should cause only a few interested parties to ask about the new models. Our sample shows that new cars are hardly an alternative to used ones, even with a discount.

The new car offer is only tempting in one case: the used Nissan Micra is currently around 700 euros cheaper than the new one. It's easy to ignore the loss of value - you can configure your car yourself and don't have to worry about how the previous owner will treat it.


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