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Psycho study: Small penis wants big sports car

British psychologists have confirmed a common cliché in a study "Small penises and fast cars: Evidence for a psychological connection". Men compensate for a small penis by wanting a big sports car.

According to the authors of the study, there are two hypotheses in the specialist literature: On the one hand, the "conspicuous" consumption of an expensive sports car serves to woo partners and increase one's own attractiveness. On the other hand, the second hypothesis states that people strive for luxury goods when their self-esteem has fallen.

Test setup with a penis lie

The research team at University College London (UCL) wanted to confirm this second assumption with their study and subjected 200 men between the ages of 18 and 74 to a psychological test. The researchers resorted to a lie that they wanted to study how well people can retain information when they are shopping at the same time. The test persons were first shown supposed facts on a screen and then a picture of a product, including several sports cars. The men should indicate how much they desire this product.

One group received the wrong information that the average penis is 18 centimeters long. Accordingly, the researchers assumed that the men in this group felt that their genitals were too small. Accordingly, the test participants considered sports cars to be particularly desirable.

No connection between penis size and sports car drivers

The other group also received the wrong information that the average penis is four inches long. With this incorrect fact, the tested should get self-confidence - they actually classified the sports car as less desirable. By the way: The average penis size is 13 centimetres, but the test persons estimate the size to be two centimeters larger. Other luxury products did not show a similar effect on either group.

"From the age of 29, the effect of penis size on the desire for a sports car has increased," write the authors, led by experimental psychologist Daniel C. Richardson. Buying a sports car only alleviates the feeling and does not create "a real connection between sports car drivers and the size of the penis".

The UCL researchers have published the results of the study on a pre-publication server. This allows for scrutiny by other researchers who can critically review a research study before it can be published in a journal.

, You can see which sports cars the Germans like in the slide show.


In a study, researchers have established a connection between the low self-esteem caused by a small penis and the desire for a sports car. However, this study does not prove that sports car drivers are automatically poorly equipped. In this context, we would also be interested in how women compensate for the desire for a sports car?!?!?


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