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Proverbs of the Month: Sports & amp; Coupes meet bread & amp; butter

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G The CLS Shooting Brake was just presented, but it was Mercedes has even more auto guild in the quiver. The Stuttgart-based company is currently testing the AMG version of the S-Class, which will be launched on the market shortly after the new production model in 2013.

roles? No, more likely to spur, because the flagship of the Stuttgart-based company is fueled in the 63 AMG version with 558 hp from a V8. CLS? Was there more than that? Yes, Mercedes can not only build four-door coupé in the luxury segment, there will also be a counterpart in the compact class. CLA will be the name of the coupé based on the A-Class and will also be launched in 2013.

Quattroporte and Rapide S for the coupé disciples

CLS, wasn't there anything else? Yes, competitor Maserati wants to conquer more of the luxury coupé customers and will - in 2013 - go to the market with the new Quattroporte. Of course, competitor Aston Martin does not want to back down and counters with a hot version of the Aston Martin Rapide, which is targeting the AMG and M models from Stuttgart and Munich. It will probably be called the Rapide S and deliver significantly more than its standard 477 hp. And since we're so beautiful at Aston Martin, we can also celebrate the 573 hp Vanquish who did his test laps on the Nürburgring.

Sports cars do the honors with lots of horsepower

A few more horsepower and we're already in the sports car segment. In June, Mercedes is releasing the SLS Black Series with the 650 PS strong 6.2-liter V8, Ferrari the approximately 900 PS Enzo successor, Jaguar the F-Type R with the powerful V6 and Audi the RS5 as a convertible. The 911 Targa should not be missing from the sporty Erlkönige, just like the Audi S1, the Honda Civic Type R or the Clio RS.

Bread and butter: Fiesta, Leon and C4 Picasso

But not only high-end coupés and sports cars will be rolling towards us in the future. In June our Erlkönig hunter was able to shoot down the new generation of the Seat Leon, the Ford Fiesta facelift, the C4 Picasso, the Dacia Logan successor and the facelift of the Opel Insignia fell into the trap. All other Erlkönig from June 2012 can be found in our photo show.


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