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Pros and cons from Shanghai 2019: E-cars with a 911 look

Pros and cons from Shanghai 2019
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F earlier, according to the prejudice, at a car show in China there were mainly optical copies of European cars or licensed technical copies that tried to look different from the original.

Chinese copy Chinese

In the meantime, so the impression after a tour of the China fair, there are practically only manufacturers who build electric SUVs, but apparently seem to be copying mainly from themselves. Elements of western design are so cleverly mixed up and recombined that it sometimes feels like only the brand names change from stand to stand. And they often still can't be deciphered if you don't know the Chinese script.

This may be due to the fact that Chinese manufacturers now like to design their own in-house - with designers who previously poached in Europe. There should be body designers in the subsidiary departments of the major German manufacturers who receive offers every week to move to China for a lot of money.

One who was once responsible for the optics of well-known brands in Europe and has been in China works is Wolfgang Egger. The 56-year-old came to Audi via Alfa Romeo (156, 8C Competizione) and is now with BYD.

But there are still very country-specific trends and designs, and of course the German brands in particular are trying to do something in China are particularly successful in setting standards in the world's largest car market. We took a look around the fair and showed whom liked what and what met with less approval.


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