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Prominent previous owners: Here you will find VIP used cars

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W he found a BMW 2002 in the mobile.de search mask Tii Touring Alpha enters, it will land a 100,000 euro hit. The 21,871 kilometers driven, 189 PS strong and registered in May 1974 from Munich bears the name Paul Walker in his papers. Three months before his tragic accidental death, the Hollywood star had the orange BMW, which had been converted for 40,000 DM and equipped with an A4S engine and an optics package, auctioned in California in 2013.

One car, two celebrities

The father of US First Lady Melania Trump is currently selling his Mercedes.

Also on mobile.de A Mercedes-Benz SL 500 is currently available for purchase for 59,000 euros. The 223,000 kilometer Benz from 2002 was driven by Donatella Versace for five years. According to the registration certificate, two celebrities were driving a Mercedes-Benz 500 SEC V8 through the area: Detlev Uhlmann (Belleami) and Rudolph Schenker (Scorpions). The 231 hp coupé, which was advertised on autoscout24 for 18,900 euros, was registered for the first time in March 1984.

In addition to the German national soccer players, other soccer players also have more time than planned in summer 2018. So it comes that the Polish star striker Robert Lewandowski can calmly adjust his 560 hp Audi RS7 on mobile.de after leaving the group phase. The sports car registered in September 2014 with a mileage of 50,000 kilometers is expected to cost 69,900 euros.

First Daddy also sells online

With some car offers, the aha Effect. This is also the case with a Mercedes-Benz 280 SE from 1980 that cost 15,800 euros on autoscout24. Because on the driver's seat of the 185 hp and 118,000A Stuttgart resident who has driven for kilometers, who doesn't know Viktor Knavs. Yes exactly! The father of the current First Lady of the United States of America: Melania Trump, wife of US President Donald Trump.

A prince and a cabaret artist

A Toyota was driven by real blue blood Land Cruiser FJ55 from 1977. The off-road vehicle advertised for 47,500 euros on mobile.de once belonged to Prince Max Emanuel von Thurn und Taxis. It has been completely restored and has covered 113,500 kilometers. For 6,999 euros, the Opel Monza 2.8 S by cabaret artist Urban Priol is almost a snapper. The 140 PS strong Rüsselsheimer has 103,664 kilometers on the clock and was registered for the first time in March 1978.

Anyone who not only gets information from the German sales portals, but also from time to time on an international auction site, will currently lured by a very interesting offer. The Ford Escort 1100 GL Sedan of the late Pope John Paul II is “in the window” at Sotheby's. Its price starts at $ 150,000 and could skyrocket to double if not more. That would not be surprising, since the Lamborghini Huracan RWD Coupé, which was last auctioned a few weeks ago and was given to the current Pope Francis, was auctioned for 715,000 euros - including the signature on the bonnet, of course.


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