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Prominent BMW and Mini: The cars from Bond and Lagerfeld

Uwe Fischer /BMW
BMW and Mini for movies and celebrities
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I n a simple functional building in the That part of BMW history that can roll is located near Munich. At least the largest part: several hundred cars and motorcycles are on several floors. Including some more recent movie cars.

The Minis of Mr. Bean and David Bowie

The oldest model is right behind the entrance: a yellow Mini 1000 with a black bonnet. Mr. Bean's Mini. Rowan Atkinson had a number of adventures with him in his role as a weird owl, for example driving the car with a broomstick from an armchair that was attached to the roof. The bean mini is reflected in the next celebrity mini: when the brand celebrated its 40th birthday in 1999, BMW asked a few celebrities to design a mini. David Bowie had a copy completely chrome-plated; The environment should be reflected in it. That succeeded. However, this model is less suitable for “parking” - according to Bowie the characteristic that made the Mini famous.

Karl Lagerfeld designed a BMW 750iL in 1992. His E32 is painted in two colors: black below and silver above. A thin green stripe separates silver and black. The interior is completely lined with light gray soft nappa and nubuck; instead of wooden strips, the interior is decorated with fabric from a luggage manufacturer. Even the trunk is covered with leather and fabric. There are also green seams and stripes on the inside, thick leather buttons decorate the seats. Sounds wilder than it is, the Lagerfeld twelve-cylinder looks very harmonious.

Lagerfeld-7er with fax and Kleenex box

The utility value was also very important to the fashion designer: It could usually be driven, but then sat right in front, according to the press release from July 1992 From the passenger seat, Lagerfeld had access to a fax machine and pen holder in the glove compartment. In the door shelf, his notebook and camera fit into precisely designed compartments. The Kleenex box required by Lagerfeld was then a popular extra in the Individual division founded in 1992. BMW got the 7 Series back at some point, Lagerfeld designed two more E38s. One of them is also in the depot. Right next to a 7 series with unusual extras.

Uwe Fischer /BMW
Karl Lagerfeld had his 750iL painted in two colors.

The Bond 7 series E38 has a few extras that Individual never had: a sliding roof with rocket launchers, for example, or a saw under the BMW propeller to cut wire ropes. In the movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies' Pierce Brosnan was even able to control the 750iL remotely. Today it can actually be done with a key, but only when parking.

Bond 7er with invisible driver

Technology that was even further away in 1997 than a major Berlin airport or a Stuttgart underground station, had to be improvised, because from the outside it should look as if the 7 Series was driving by itself. Inside, the steering linkage leads through the front seat, the driver sits in a sheet metal shell where the back seat used to be. The driver, hidden under a black blanket, sees what is happening in front of the car on a monitor. This is also necessary, because from this low seating position the windshield only allows a good view of the hall ceiling.

Uwe Fischer /BMW
Mr. Bean had some adventures with this mini.

'Mission Impossible' was Neither for Bond's technician Q nor for the tinkerers at BMW, who prepared at least two 7s for the Bond shoot.

Tom Cruise drove in 'Mission Impossible' BMW

Tom Cruise drove through Mumbai in the 2011 movie “Mission Impossible - Phantom Protocol” in a Vision Efficient Dynamics. There are two automobile supporting actors full of scars in the depot: a BMW 640d convertible and a BMW X3. Both were part of an obviously quite rough chase through a desert storm in Dubai, the 6 series is heavily undulating on the right and actually belongson the bench. But the industry is tough, movie cars are not polished: clear coat on the desert dust, vacuuming is also not necessary: ​​on the back seats, sand trickles between the seams of the dark brown leather seats. Karl Lagerfeld with his Kleenex box in the door shelf would certainly disapprove.


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