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Profit-sharing: Daimler prefers collective wage increases

Profit sharing
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Works Council Chairman Erich Klemm emphasized: 'The workforce has made a significant contribution to this by doing without and by making enormous efforts managed to cope well with the difficult times. '

Special payment planned

Originally, the wages increase by 2.7 percent for the collective bargaining employees in Germany was to take place in April next year. After the decision, the increase comes two months earlier. The extent to which the employees will participate in the significant leap in earnings of their employer should be determined at the beginning of next year. The Swabians are aiming for an operating profit of seven billion euros in 2010.

In 2009, because of a loss of billions, the employees received a special payment of 500 euros instead of a classic profit sharing scheme. The employees could look forward to the highest bonus to date of 3,750 euros for the 2007 financial year.


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