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Price increase during the holiday season: Cartel office has its sights on petrol prices

Price increase during the holiday season
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100 petrol stations each had to report every price change in the past three years to the authorities.

There are no indications of price agreements

This means that the sector investigation, which has been going on for a good two years, will be further deepened, said a spokeswoman for the authority on Thursday (October 14th). whether it is always the same companies that rush ahead with price increases.
Another question is whether there are indications that the gasoline price often rises rapidly several times in one day, but only slowly falls again 'like a feather', said the head of the cartel office Andreas Mundt of the 'WAZ media group'.

According to the spokeswoman for the authorities, there are no specific indications of price agreements. The office already had evidence in the summer of last year that some gas stations were exchanging price information by telephone. But copying is allowed, not to agree. In the spring, the cartel office said that the pricing at the petrol stations was very transparent. Thanks to the large price tables, the filling stations could adapt to the price level of their competitors. The Federal Cartel Office intends to present the results of the sector investigation, including the reviews in the four model regions, at the beginning of next year.

Crude oil price dictates the price of petrol

The oil companies reacted blankly to the initiative of the cartel authorities: Price fluctuations would by competition and controlled by the price of crude oil on the world market - and not by the holiday season. 'In summer, fuel wasn't much more expensive than it is now,' said Aral spokesman Detlef Brandenburg in Bochum when asked.

'The prices for crude oil on the world market fluctuate, which affects the price of petrol at the petrol station.' Ultimately, price increases would only pass on additional costs to customers, said the managing director of the mineral oil industry association, Klaus Picard. 'As soon as they go down again, it'll be cheaper again at the petrol stations.'


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