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Presentation of the Porsche Boxster S (981) 2012: New Bonsai 918 with a success of eight

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Presentation of the Porsche Boxster S (981) 2012
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1 993 was the Porsche Boxster Series announced with a study. Three years later, the first mid-engined sports car with the name derived from a combination of syllables of boxer engine and roadster came on the market. In 2012, the third generation of the Porsche entry-level model with the internal series code 981 will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

Porsche Boxster with 918 design

The new Porsche is based on the design Boxster on the Carrera GT successor, the 918 Spyder, which will be launched next year. As with the super sports car, the mid-engined Rodaster is characterized by a wedge-shaped, stretched silhouette with a long wheelbase, shorter overhangs and a forward windshield. In addition to striking side air inlets, pronounced fenders frame the at least 18-inch wheels. At the rear of the Porsche Boxster, a spoiler edge runs through the redesigned rear lights with LED technology, from which the rear wing extends automatically at 120 km /h. The fabric roof of the Porsche Boxster was also modified, which now works without a convertible top compartment lid and can be opened and closed fully electrically at speeds of up to 50 km /h.

Porsche Boxster with new generation of engines

The new Porsche Boxster also retains the mid-engine design with mass concentration near the center of the vehicle and a low center of gravity. The entry-level model now also has the 6-cylinder boxer engine from the 911 with gasoline direct injection (DFI) and VarioCam Plus as a power source. With a displacement of 2.7 liters, the basic Boxster has 265 hp and a maximum torque of 280 Nm. The 3.4 liter variant in the Boxster S develops 315 hp and provides a maximum torque of 360 Nm. This means that both model variants are stronger, but consume less, since the start-stop function is standard on board.

The lightweight body of the new Porsche Boxster models consists of an aluminum /steel composite construction and is intended to use other weight optimization measures Make the mid-engine roadster significantly lighter than its predecessor. According to the manufacturer, the new Porsche Boxster with the standard six-speed manual transmission weighs 1,310 kilograms and the S variant weighs ten kilograms more. The optional Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) costs 30 kilos in both models.

Sprinting ability costsTop speed

The new Porsche Boxster needs 5.8 seconds to sprint from standstill to 100 km /h, while the S version has reached this speed after 5.1 seconds. With the 7-speed PDK transmission, both vehicles accelerate a tenth of a second faster, but the Boxster's top speed in 6th gear drops from 264 to 262 km /h (Boxster S: Vmax 277 instead of 279 km /h). With the optional Sport Chrono Package, the roadsters accelerate a further two tenths of a second faster to country road speed and also have dynamic transmission mounts that reduce the vibrations of the entire drive train.

The Porsche Boxster of the 981 generation promises driving dynamic advances thanks to the six centimeters The wheelbase has grown and the track has been enlarged by four centimeters at the front and one centimeter at the rear. In addition, the body has been lowered by one centimeter and a new mechanical rear wheel lock is available at an additional cost. For better braking performance, there are new brake calipers with larger brake pads on the front axle.

In the new Porsche Boxster generation, the interior with its rising center console is based on the new 911. The ignition lock on the left and the characteristic three round instruments are retained. However, a high-resolution 4.6-inch color screen with TFT technology moves into the right round instrument, which shows data from the on-board computer, communication and audio settings or information from the navigation system.

Nordschleife lap time Porsche Boxster S: 7: 58 minutes

The new Porsche Boxster S should circle the Nürburgring-Nordschleife in 7:58 minutes and thus only 18 seconds slower than the be new Porsche 911 Carrera S . Compared to its predecessor, the manufacturer's lap time is an improvement of twelve seconds. The In the sport auto-Supertest 2009 , the Porsch Boxster S still needed 8:18 minutes for the ring lap. Here we show how the Porsche Boxster models have developed in the Supertest

The new Porsche Boxster will be launched on April 14, 2012. However, the cheapest Porsche costs at least 48,291 euros and thus around 1,300 euros more than before . The Boxster S is only available from 59,120 euros. Further engine variants are planned for the coming years, for example a four-cylinder boxer with turbocharging and a Spyder version.

Here we show how the Porsche Boxster models have developed in the Supertest.


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