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Presentation of the Hyundai ix35: New start in the SUV compact class: Hyundai ix35

The Tucson successor, the Hyundai ix35
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V No trace of modesty: the new Hyundai ix35 is coming therefore self-confident and independent. Hyundai has long since ceased to need shooting help as it did with the blessed Galopper, a Mitsubishi Pajero built under license from the 1980s. Even the conservative times of an emphatically objective Terracan are history since the Hyundai ix55 succeeded it.

The Hyundai ix35 follows the new design brand language

In this new type language has been joined by another model since spring, the ix35. He replaces the good Tucson, who mainly attracted attention because he was not noticed. At times when the Tucson mainly competed against Japanese competitors, the solid performance was enough. Today's SUV buyers have become more choosy, however. The European manufacturers have stepped into the ring, VW Tiguan, BMW X1 and Ford Kuga are setting the pace. If you want to survive with the buyer, you also have to have something to offer in terms of fashion.

Accordingly, the ix35 is dynamic. The body design with the front and rear lights drawn far around the corners, sloping roof and high belt line fits in with the times. Long overhangs also make it clear that the ix35's hunting ground is mainly to be found on the street. The dimensions (length 4.41 m, width 1.82 m) fit into the segment, the ix35 is not too tight. The dynamic face of the compact Korean certainly has a family resemblance to the large ix55, but still has its own lines.

Sporty designed cockpit with plenty of aluminum look

The same applies to the cockpit, which is neither the big brother nor the medium-sized Santa Fe series. A lot of the aluminum look should signal sportiness, the backlit instruments sit in deep caves. The ix35 makes it clear to be dynamic. The engine with which the car is at the dealerships in the spring goes well with this. A two-liter common rail diesel developed by Hyundai itself with a hefty 184 hp will accelerate the ix35 to 100 km /h in under ten seconds and should be economical with an average of 6.3 liters. A throttled version of this four-cylinder engine will produce 136 hp and an average consumption of 5.9 liters of diesel at a later date. The basic diesel engine will follow at the end of 2010. 1.7 liters in size and 116 hp, it is said to be the most stingy SUV drive according to Hyundaiof the market, 5.2 liters average consumption are in the announcement.

The most economical engines will not come until the end of the year

Those who prefer to drive through life with a gasoline engine gets the choice between a two-liter with 163 hp and a 1.6-liter with start-stop function (also only from the end of 2010), which competes with 140 hp. The consumption figures: 7.6 and 6.4 liters. The smaller engine works with direct petrol injection and is supplied with an automatic start-stop system.

The diesel models have a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, and a six-speed automatic is available as an extra. The automatic four-wheel drive will also cost extra.

Prices start at 20,990 euros

Hyundai will bring the ix35 to dealers on March 5th. The new SUV model costs 20,990 euros in the cheapest variant. The cheapest diesel is the ix35 2.0 CRDi 2WD, which is offered at a price of 24,190 euros. All-wheel drive costs 1,700 euros extra, the top model is the Hyundai ix35 2.0 CRDi 4WD with the 184 hp diesel engine at a price of at least 28,490 euros, which will only be available as all-wheel drive.


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