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Premiere in Opel Astra: OnStar from 2015 in Europe

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OnStar orders flowers for women

H The core of OnStar is a telematics module with an integrated SIM card and built-in emergency assistant. If the airbag is deployed in an accident, OnStar automatically connects to a control center that GM has set up in Luton, England. A specially trained emergency expert is available there, who initiates the necessary assistance measures in an emergency and remains on the line until help is on site. As an option, the OnStar expert can also activate the vehicle's hazard warning lights and horn to draw attention to the vehicle involved in the accident.

Outside of emergency or breakdown situations, the OnStar employees in the call center are also available as classic tele-secretaries Available. By pressing the blue OnStar button, you can transfer the route to a specific destination into the navigation system or have the vehicle checked. On request, OnStar employees can also reserve hotel rooms, unlock the vehicle remotely or order flowers for the wife.

OnStar in the Astra Free of charge for the first year

An Astra with OnStar on board does not cause any additional costs for the user in the first 12 months, the entire scope of the system is available free of charge. Means: German OnStar customers surf the Internet via a 4G /LTE hotspot with up to seven devices at the same time, can access the emergency assistant in an emergency and use the secretary service. After the first free year, appropriate OnStar packages can be booked, the prices of which Opel has not yet provided. The pure emergency option will most likely be available free of charge. The 4G /LTE hotspot costs just as much as the tele secretary service. For comparison: In the USA, depending on the service level booked, between 20 and 35 dollars per month are due. New models with 4G /LTE Internet still need a data option that costs at least 150 dollars a year.

As the subject of data protection is becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry, Opel guarantees that users have full control over it Have your data. OnStar is a service system without a monitoring function. The user can also hide their whereabouts via a 'private' button. However, this will be overridden in the event of an accident. Important: If an Astra customer completely objects to OnStar use, the system becomes completedeactivated. Then no data is exchanged between the vehicle and the OnStar headquarters. In return, however, the emergency assistant is not available either.

Another service of the telematics system is the Opel OnStar smartphone app. It includes the following functions:

  • Contact the Opel OnStar team from any location
  • Accessing operating data such as tire pressure or oil level
  • Opening and closing the car
  • Vehicle localization
  • Activation of horn or light
  • Entering the destination address into the on-board navigation system
  • Adjusting the WLAN hotspot settings

If an Opel model with the OnStar system on board is the victim of a theft, the owner and the police can locate the vehicle. There is also the option of activating the immobilizer remotely.

And that is not yet the complete service from OnStar: There is a monthly status report with the most important vehicle operating data and measurement statuses by email. This list can also be requested out of sequence before a longer trip.


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