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Pothole report: road damage is life-threatening

Pothole report
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'The tires suffer immensely from the sharp edges of large potholes,' warns vADAC technology expert Hubert Paul in the magazine a uto motor und sport . 'It can even happen that the steel belt in the tire rubber is seriously damaged. This is often not immediately apparent, but it can lead to the tire bursting at the next opportunity, for example at high speed on the motorway.' That's why drivers should definitely have their tires checked in the workshop after a pothole.

Money from truck tolls for municipal road construction

At least half of the municipal roads are broken, the ADAC estimates. Three billion euros alone are currently needed to repair the potholes in municipal roads alone. 'The municipal road infrastructure is chronically underfunded,' says Carsten Hansen, head of the traffic department at the German Association of Towns and Municipalities. 'There is a shortfall of 2.15 billion euros annually. The maintenance expenses eat us up.'

The Association of Towns and Municipalities criticizes the fact that the municipalities do not participate in toll revenues, even though they are responsible for the damage to truck traffic have to wear. 'The municipalities don't see a cent from the truck toll, but the damage potential for the municipal network is immense,' said Hansen. 'That is why the German Association of Towns and Municipalities demands a truck toll for municipal roads as well.'

In addition, Hansen criticizes the fact that cities, districts and municipalities are not allowed to freely dispose of allocations. You are required to invest allocations in new construction projects or redesigns such as traffic calming, but not in maintenance and repair, so Hansen. The result: roads in urgent need of rehabilitation continue to rot, while other roads are built or traffic-calmed. This increases the loss of substance and repair costs. According to ADAC, the municipalities would have to provide eight billion euros annually in order to seriously tackle this decline. In fact, it's only five billion euros.

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