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Posaidon Mercedes GT RS 700: Sport-Benz with 700 horses

Posaidon Mercedes GT RS 700
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M with 510 PS you can drive the standard Mercedes AMG GT Don't call S underpowered. But that was not enough for the power enthusiasts at Posaidon. They asked the sports car from Affalterbach for a little power cure in Neuwied and gave the Swabian a new turbo, improved intercooling and a new exhaust system including a motorsport catalytic converter.

Posaidon GT RS 700 runs at a top speed of 349 km /h

When the converted AMG GT left the workshop, it not only had 200 hp more under the hood but also a new name: the Poseidon GT RS 700 was called the powerhouse. You have probably already noticed: the performance specification has been subtly integrated into the type designation. In addition to the number of horsepower, the torque values ​​are also impressive: the athlete weighs 750 Newton meters on the crankshaft.

In addition to the engine, the transmission has also been modified. If you let the Posaidon off the leash, it storms over the 100 km /h mark in 3.2 seconds. Air and rolling resistance only slow down propulsion at 349 km /h. For comparison: In the AMG GT-S off the rack 'already' at 310 km /h there is no more fun.

Blitzer- App as an additional option

The power conversion cannot be seen from the outside. Posaidon is only limited to the adjustments in the drive area. Conveniently, the tuner also offers a speed camera tool that can be integrated into the Comand online navigation system. If you don't just want to annoy the police but also eco-friends, you can have the Posaidon technicians permanently deactivate the automatic start-stop. Posaidon only gives prices for the conversion on customer request.

In our gallery we not only show pictures of the Posaidon GT RS 700, but also a performance diagram after a visit to the test bench.


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