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Posaidon C63 AMG and AMG-GT: Up to 630 hp are in it

Posaidon C63 AMG and AMG-GT
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D he turbocharged V8 engines in the Mercedes models C 63 AMG and AMG-GT are technically closely related. While the AMG-GT relies on dry sump lubrication, the C 63 AMG uses conventional pressure circulation lubrication with a wet sump.

Vmax rises up to 337 km /h

Tuner Posaidon from Neuwied now has increased performance through new engine control software in its range for both engines. The new data records written directly into the control unit elicit 610 hp and 800 Nm torque from the V8 in the new C 63 AMG, regardless of the base output. At the same time, the factory-set Vmax lock is canceled. The AMG models can then run at speeds of up to 328 km /h uninhibited.

In the AMG GT, the new engine control ensures a jump in performance to 630 hp and 725 Nm. Sufficient for a top speed of 337 km /h.

The lower torque of the performance-enhanced AMG GT compared to the C63 AMG is explained by the different transmissions of the two models: To protect the AMG Speedshift DCT 7-speed dual clutch transmission of the AMG GT from damage, Posaidon limits its torque to 725 Nm, while the AMG Speedshift MCT 7-speed sports transmission of the C63 AMG easily lifts up to 1,000 Nm.

The standard start-stop system can also be switched off as an option. The V8 then only stops at the express request of the driver.


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