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Porsche trial: Wiedeking and Härter acquitted

Porsche process
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Public prosecutor's office demanded 2 years imprisonment

I n the proceedings concerned the failed takeover of VW by Porsche. The public prosecutor's office had accused the two managers of misleading investors in 2008 and of having been guilty of price manipulation. The main issue here was the timing when the decision to take over 75% of Volkswagen was made.

The public prosecutor saw this as early as March 2008; the defendants named October. In addition, the accused are said to have concealed their takeover intentions, disclosed them incompletely and thereby influenced the market. The public prosecutor had demanded 2 years imprisonment for Wiedeking and Härter.

Judge: There is nothing to the allegations

In his judgment, the presiding judge saw it differently: Spiegel Online quotes him: 'There is nothing to the allegations of the Stuttgart public prosecutor's office, nothing - neither in front, in the back, nor in the middle'.


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