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Porsche successful: Porsche prefers tariff increase

Porsche successful
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The board of directors would like to thank the employees for their flexibility, said HR director Thomas Edig according to the letter . Without them, the sports car manufacturer would not have been able to achieve such a positive result.

Additional special payment planned

According to dpa information, a special payment is also planned for the short financial year from August to December. The amount should be negotiated and decided in the spring. The sports car maker reported on Wednesday about brilliant business in the first quarter of the short financial year - from August to the end of October, Porsche sold 21,218 sports and off-road vehicles, 86.4 percent more than in the previous year, which was marked by the crisis. Sales increased by more than 80 percent to 2.06 billion euros. The operating profit almost increased eightfold to 395 million euros. Porsche AG did not provide any information on net profit.

'Even during the crisis, we did not allow employees to go to the wallet,' said works council chief Uwe Hück on Thursday. Like other companies, Porsche used flexible working time accounts during the crisis to save money. However, there were no cuts in collectively regulated payments such as vacation and Christmas bonuses. In October, Porsche paid out a special payment of 2,100 euros per employee for the past fiscal year. Employees receive their Christmas bonus with the November paycheck.


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