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Porsche Pavilion in Wolfsburg: The Autostadt is growing

Porsche Pavilion in Wolfsburg
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I n October 2011, Matthias Müller, CEO of Porsche AG, and Otto F. Wachs, Managing Director of Autostadt, laid the foundation stone for the Porsche Pavilion. After ten months the time has come and the new building will be opened in the presence of Martin Winterkorn, Wolfgang Porsche, Ferdinand Piech and around 200 invited guests.

The pavilion is the most striking building on the 28 hectare site . Especially from the air, the organically shaped stainless steel roof stands out. The curved, matt shimmering construction is self-supporting and functions as a roof and space-defining shell in one.

Swarm of 25 full-scale Porsche models 1: 3

Even before the entrance to the pavilion, Ferdinand Porsche is quoted extensively: 'At first I looked around and couldn't find the car I was dreaming of. So I decided to buy it myself to build.' And so the Swabian sports car history took its course, which the visitors get to see inside the pavilion.

Ferdinand Porsche's 'dream car', the Porsche 356 from 1948, is the starting point for a collection of 25 silver-colored cars 1: 3 scale models. At the end there are current models such as the Panamera S Hybrid, the Porsche 911 S Carrera and the Porsche Boxster S.

Porsche Pavilion without corners and edges

The Porsche Pavilion is not just outside A well-rounded affair, the absence of sharp edges and corners also shines on the inside. In addition to the Porsche models, themed films, sound stories and media installations will also be presented.

As part of the opening of the Porsche Pavilion, the young sports car enthusiasts can take their test for the children's driving license in two electrically powered Mini-Porsches. There will also be a workshop on restoration for schoolchildren. The exercise subject is an old Porsche tractor Super 308.


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