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Porsche Macan Tuning: Macan heavily modified

Porsche Macan Tuning
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A At the beginning there was not only praise for Porsche's second SUV. According to critics, the Macan was nothing more than a baby Cayenne. But the criticism quickly evaporated. In tests, the compact SUV impressed with its sporty driving performance, precise handling, good traction and braking. In addition, the look quickly became popular. By the time the sales figures were published, the Porsche Macan had swept away any last doubts.

Introduced in April 2014, Porsche sold a total of 62,644 units in the first year. Small classification: Porsche sold 189,850 new cars throughout 2014.

Topcar Macan is not stingy with swank

Of course, the successful Porsche Macan did not go unnoticed by the tuners. After all, they want to cut a piece of the cake with their individual buildings based on the compact SUV. They charm customers accordingly: with wide-body kits, performance enhancements, and eye-catching designs and paintwork.

A good example: the tuned Porsche Macan from Topcar - a Russian tuning company. Topcar is not stingy with tuning accessories during its conversion, and the Macan is not stingy with its charms.

The Russian wants to attract attention, so the SUV has a striking paint job. It's called 'Aurum Metallic' and provides a kind of 'gold stitch' on the Macan. The new front apron and the extended wheel runners add no less to the swank. Topcar stamps additional ventilation elements into the bonnet. New side skirts create the connection to the new rear apron. A carbon diffuser reduces the lift on the wide 'buttocks', a roof spoiler should increase the downforce.

Various performance enhancements from Techart

In the interior, Topcar continues its tuning philosophy. Gold-carbon inlays, light colors, fine leather and wood paneling should create a feel-good atmosphere. At least for those who are into this type of tuning.

Tuner Hamann from Laupheim is also expanding. In addition, the SUV is designed to be even sportier not only with the wide body kit and the new aprons, but also with the legendary 'Gulf Design'. Delta 4x4 takes a different approach. Here people prefer to trim the SUV for off-road use and instead of low-profile tires put on a couple of coarse rubber from US manufacturer Mickey Thompson. He's working with thatPorsche Macan away from the asphalt roads on 265x60 R18 rollers that are pulled on aluminum monoblock wheels. Cost: 3,900 euros.

And where are the increases in performance? Don't worry, there are too. For example from Kaege, who use an additional control unit to boost the Porsche Macan Diesel from 258 to 310 hp. Tuner Techart has performance improvements ready for all three engines. 300 hp are incorporated into the diesel, the Macan S is saddled from 340 to 390 hp. The top gasoline engine Porsche Macan Turbo leaves the Techart halls with 450 instead of 400 hp. And now heats the crankshaft with more than 620 instead of 550 Nm.

In our picture gallery we show you some conversions based on Macan.


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