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Porsche Exclusive turns 25: Factory refinement celebrates its anniversary

Porsche Exclusive turns 25
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P orsche Exclusive, according to our own diction, that means direct manufacture ex works for a very personal touch in terms of design and performance. Porsche Exclusive can meet almost every customer request. The only limiting factors are the technical and qualitative feasibility.

100 specialists take care of customer requests at Porsche Exclusive

Around 100 specialists take care of special customer requests. Components and complete vehicles are mostly made by hand. The optional parts, whether interior fittings or performance enhancements, are developed in Weissach. In addition to custom-made products, Porsche customers can also choose from the Exclusive catalog.

The latest development from Porsche Exclusive is the new Porsche Speedster. As a homage to the first model with this name - the 356 Speedster - only 356 copies will be built. In the best tradition as a purist, open two-seater with a low windscreen and double scoop on the convertible top compartment lid. However, all special models have already been sold before the market launch.

As early as 2009, Porsche Exclusive added a real gem to its portfolio with the 911 Sport Classic. Limited to 250 pieces, a 911 was created that was to build on the legendary Carrera RS 2.7 from 1973.

Rear window wiper for the 356 and racing 911 for the road

The roots of Porsche customization ex works under the name Porsche Exclusive were already in the days of the 356. At that time, Alfried Krupp stepped von Bohlen und Halbach approached the sports car manufacturer. He wanted a rear window wiper for his 356 Coupé. The initial spark came from an order from TAG owner Mansour Ojjeh in 1983, who wanted to drive a very special 911 privately. And what was initially considered impossible, succeeded. In Zuffenhausen, a 409 hp one-off turbo was created with 15-inch wheels that were huge for the time, and a huge rear wing, which mastered the balancing act between race track and comfort. The finest Connolly leather in 'creme caramel' adorned the wood-paneled interior, and a Clarion hi-fi tower provided elegant sounds. The low-rise 911 accelerated from zero to 100 km /h in 4.9 seconds, ran at a top speed of almost 300 km /h and represented an equivalent of over 500,000 marks.

Exclusive small series from Porsche Exclusive

Also in 1983, a low-profile version of the 911 Turbo was createdSeries 930 with pop-up headlights that were very popular at the time. It was available for six years, until 1989, and a total of 948 units were finally built. In 1992/93, a Turbo S lightweight construction from the 964 series was on offer, after all 86 of these sports cars found enthusiastic buyers at a price of 295,000 marks. In 1993 a total of 76 911 Turbo 3.6 vehicles, again with the flat front, were to follow. In the same year, Porsche Exclusive also realized another wish of a few customers: the then brand-new Carrera Speedster (964) received the wide rear of the turbo only 15 times, today a sought-after rarity. In 1995 the 14 Turbo 3.6 saw the light of day for the first time as a convertible, all of them unique at a unit price of 301,540 marks. The Speedster, based on the last air-cooled nine-eleven of the 993 series, is much rarer than this predecessor of all open turbo models: Only two of these models were launched in 1995 and 2000 at the currently unknown price With the 911 Turbo S, also based on the 993, the tradition of exclusive and small series should then experience a temporary high but also an end. Between 1997 and 1998, 345 units of the 450 hp model rolled out of the halls in Zuffenhausen,
the price was 304,650 marks.


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