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Porsche Connect: The future is now (2018)

Porsche Connect
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D having one's own car, regardless of whether it is used for business or pleasure, is a long way off more than just a means of transportation. This is especially true for the products of a brand like Porsche. Networking begins with the creation of a Porsche ID. This digital profile for drivers of the brand is the entrance ticket to the wide range of Porsche Connect offers.

Once Porsche Connect has been activated, the smartphone is the link between the driver and the car, even if you are not in the vehicle. At the breakfast table or in the office, you can use the Porsche Connect app to enter the destination for the next appointment. The route is sent to the navigation system in the vehicle. But Porsche Connect can do even more. The vehicle status can be called up via the app before starting the journey. Is the tank full enough for the planned route or should a stop be planned? Is the battery of the plug-in hybrid sufficiently charged to get out of the city center with zero local emissions? Porsche Connect knows the answers. On the way to the car, which may have been parked in one of the countless side streets of the big city, the First Mile Navigation within the Porsche Connect app shows the walk to the car. If you can't find your Porsche straight away in a large parking lot or on a long street, you can use the app to operate the indicators or the horn.

Once you have started, the navigation goes seamlessly from your smartphone to Porsche Communication Management ( PCM) in the vehicle. There is no need to enter the destination again. During the journey, the Porsche Connect app uses real-time traffic information to check and adjust the route to the destination every minute according to the current traffic situation. If there is a threat of a traffic jam, this is easily avoided with dynamic route guidance. If the route to the traffic jam diversion leads over winding country roads instead of the congested motorway, the driver can enjoy the classic lateral and longitudinal dynamics of his car.

Never again too late

After arriving at the destination, the Porsche can be locked using the smartphone application. For the last few meters to the destination, navigation continues in the Porsche Connect app. This is particularly helpful if, for example, you have to find your way in an area that is only accessible to pedestrians in larger office parks. With the route guidance from door to door, you can reach your appointment on time and withoutStress.

Porsche Connect also helps in other situations: in the event of a technical breakdown that prevents you from continuing your journey, the breakdown call can be made directly via the Porsche Connect app. The Porsche Assistance control center then immediately receives all relevant information about the vehicle and its exact location. This means that help can not only be on site more quickly, but also appear prepared for the specific reason for the failure. An uncomplicated repair and thus a quick onward journey are more likely.

If the Porsche is involved in an accident, it automatically sends an emergency call and, if necessary, the police and rescue services are informed. In addition, an emergency plan is activated for the recovery of the damaged car.

A plus in safety

A Porsche naturally arouses desires, unfortunately now and then also among the wrong people. If it should fall into the wrong hands despite the latest protection and alarm systems, you can fully rely on Porsche Connect. The Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS) automatically triggers a report to the alarm center commissioned by Porsche after a theft. In addition, the owner of the vehicle is informed of the theft.

With the help of PVTS, the car can be located via GPS data. These are made available to the local authorities, who can immediately secure the stolen vehicle. PVTS Plus goes even further. This system recognizes the authorized driver by a driver card carried. If the Porsche is driven without the driver card in the vehicle, a silent alarm is automatically sent to both the alarm center and the Porsche Connect app.

All Porsche Connect offers are modular and divided into packages. This makes the selection easier for the customer, who can choose the individual packages depending on the purpose and preferences. The navigation & infotainment package, which is available for all vehicles with the Connect Plus equipment option, includes navigation services with real-time traffic information as well as online services with weather forecasts and news. This means that you are always well informed when the next appointment is made and, despite the full calendar, you are always well informed.

A special feature of the appropriately equipped Porsche Cayenne is the new Risk Radar. By evaluating anonymized swarm data, the system finds out in real time if an accident has occurred within the next few kilometers. A detour is planned so that the traffic jam can be avoided and the passengers can be spared the unpleasant situation at the accident site. The navigation & infotainment package including an internet connection of the vehicle can be used free of charge in the first 24 months after the new registration.

The Car RemoteThe package for locating, opening and locking the car can be used free of charge for twelve months in conjunction with Connect Plus. The status query for tank filling, battery charge and other parameters is also included for one year. The e-hybrid models from Cayenne and Panamera have a free term of five years.

The Car Security Package has a term of twelve months; the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System always costs extra . This means that the first owner of the new Porsche and future buyers of the used sports car are sufficiently flexible.

Fast on the information superhighway

Cars are already an integral part of the 'Internet of Everything'. Porsche Connect is the perfect service for customers who expect the dynamism on the information highway that a Porsche promises on the road.


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