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Porsche Cayman R at the L.A. Auto Show: Fast 911s with 330 hp

Porsche Cayman R - LA Auto Show
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D the Porsche alphabet reserves the letter R for very special sports models. One of them sees the light of the sports car world for the first time at the LA Auto Show - the Porsche Cayman R.

Less weight for more driving dynamics

To turn the Porsche Cayman S into a Cayman R. , the base model had to give up a lot, but only on the weight side. To reduce the weight by another 55 kilograms, Cayman R drivers have to do without air conditioning and a radio. Costs comfort, but brings about 15 kilograms. The new doors add another 15 kilograms. As with the Porsche Turbo, these are made of aluminum. For an even sportier seating position, the standard seats are thrown away and replaced by lightweight seat shells. Saved another twelve kilograms. More pounds saves further sacrifice. Among other things, the door storage compartments, the cover of the instrument cluster and the cup holders are no longer required. The door handles must give way. On request and at an additional cost, a light-weight battery can also be used. The 19-inch wheel package is also ultra-light, and as a quartet it weighs just 40 kilograms.

330 hp for up to 282 km /h

The vehicle height has also decreased of the Porsche Cayman R. Shorter springs lower the sports car by 20 millimeters. In contrast, the fixed rear spoiler is immovable and firmly fixed. Further accents are set by a Porsche logo on the flanks, new exterior mirrors and various add-on parts in a contrasting color.

Of course, after so much less, the Porsche Cayman R also offers a little more, namely in terms of performance. A new engine management system and a modified exhaust increase the output of the 3.4-liter boxer by ten to 330 hp. The maximum torque of the six-cylinder is 370 Nm.

This means that the Porsche Cayman R should spurt from zero to 100 km /h in 5.0 seconds. The maximum speed is given as 282 km /h. If the PDK replaces the standard six-speed gearbox, the values ​​are 4.9 seconds and 280 km /h. The optional Sport Chrono Package barely accelerates another 0.2 seconds. The average consumption of the Porsche Cayman R should be 9.7 liters (PDK: 9.3 liters).

The new Porsche Cayman R will be available from February 2011. The base price is 69,830 euros, the Surcharge compared to a Cayman S at around 7,300 euros.

You want the unveiling of theFollow the Porsche Cayman R live, then click inside from 19:55: Porsche Cayman R live .


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