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Porsche: Bonus for Porsche employees comes earlier

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E in the exact date but not yet certain. The amount of the special payment for the approximately 7,500 collective bargaining employees of Porsche AG is still open.

Hück wants just under 2.00 euros for Porsche employees

In 2009 Porsche had its employees over the annual bonus at the beginning of October of 1,100 euros. After the business of the Stuttgart-based company is buzzing again, works council chairman Uwe Hück wants a sum of just under 2,000 euros this year. According to the spokesman, negotiations on the special payment should begin after the summer break in late August or early September. At the beginning of the year, the Porsche Annual General Meeting decided to adjust the fiscal year that ended at the end of July to the calendar year so that it can be compared with Volkswagen's figures. The first results for the past fiscal year 2009/10 are expected at the end of September or beginning of October.

The sports car manufacturer is expected to present the complete balance sheet in November. After the lost takeover battle last year, Porsche is to be integrated into the VW Group in 2011 as the tenth brand. Almost half of the sports car business already belongs to the Wolfsburg-based group.


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