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Porsche 935 from DP Motorsport: 450 hp and street legal

DP Motorsport /Jordi Miranda
Porsche 935 conversion by DP Motorsport
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D he Porsche 935 belongs in the racing hall of fame. Probably the best known, but in any case the most unusual version of the racing car goes by the nickname Moby Dick. The 935 in general and the whale 935/78 in particular have a high recognition value. This also applies to the sports car from DP Motorsport.

Big snout, wide flared wheel arches, aluminum rims in a cup look, pronounced side skirts, central stainless steel exhaust system and a carbon counter: the company that is your base Hit 30 kilometers east of Cologne in Overath, a Porsche 911 Turbo (964) from 1992 has been converted into a 935 replica. The renovation began over 20 years ago. But only now does the work show itself, which has already run over 93,000 kilometers in its career. Most of them probably as 964.

mall '> View of the interior: A clubsport roll bar should protect the occupants even better.

The standard sprint from zero to 100 km /h is supposed to be achieved by the 935 in around 4.5 seconds. The specialists give the top speed at around 305 km /h. The Porsche 935 DP III curves with a coilover kit from H&R. Uniball- Dome bearings and an adjustable aluminum strut bar are supposed to increase rigidity. The front axle has size 245/40 tires. DP Motorsport straps thicker slippers in size 335/30 onto the rear wheel carriers, which slip over 18-inch rims The interior of the knitted 911 combines gray and black leather. The driver and front passenger sit on “lollipop seats.” A Clubsport roll bar increases safety.

The 935 remains unique. DP Motorsport estimates the value at between 170,000 and 190,000 euros, come and see if you want to snap shut too late. The Porsche is already in the USA and, according to DP Motorsport, is also allowed to drive there. At the beginning of the year DP Motorsport shipped him to a sports car dealer in Miami.


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