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Porsche 924 (1976-91) from 5,000 €: Cheaper Porsche with flaws

Porsche 924 (1976-91) from 5,000 €
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Only brand fundamentalists reject the P orsche 924 still as not befitting , but the transaxle Porsche has now made a name for itself in the classic car scene. This is not only due to its rare appearance in the streets, but above all to its qualities. The seating position is low, the gearshift lever short, that's more of a sports car feeling than in the much-vaunted 911.

From 1977 with better handling

On top of that, the Porsche 924 more comfort and a luggage compartment that deserves its name. Thanks to the front engine and the transmission installed in front of the rear axle, the weight distribution is balanced. The rear axle, which was revised in 1977, has significantly improved the driving behavior.

The legend, wrongly, persists that shoddy Audi mass-produced goods are built into the engine compartment. The Porsche engineers have revised the two-liter four-cylinder engine and given it a respectable 125 hp performance. If that's not enough, you should look out for the rarer 924 S with a 2.5 liter engine and 160 hp, which was produced from 1985 onwards. The end of the flagpole is the 924 Turbo, a hit with a 170 hp Audi engine, but not cheap and also prone to failure if handled improperly.

Thanks to the galvanized body, the Porsche 924 rust only in a few places such as wheel arches, lower door edges and the rear sill areas Theme. The engines without charging are reliable, but the timing belt should be changed in good time (every 60,000 km) so that it stays that way.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Porsche 924

  • Advantages: From model year 1982 galvanized body, sophisticated and reliable technology, sporty driving behavior. Prices still moderate
  • Disadvantages : Sensitive interior, relatively expensive spare parts. Prices for 944 S and convertibles have increased significantly. Beware of poorly maintained 924 Turbo


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