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Porsche 911 Turbo 993 Project Gold: Classics made from original parts

Porsche 911 Turbo 993 Project Gold
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2 0 years after the end of the original series production, Porsche Classic now has it built the last 911 Turbo with an air-cooled engine. The unique 911 Turbo of the type 993 was created on the basis of an unused original body-in-white, which accordingly has to do without a contemporary chassis number. The highly attractive collector's item with the year of construction 2018 is therefore not approved for road use.

Classic from 1988 with year of construction 2018

It took around one and a half years to assemble the individual item. First, the body shell went through the corrosion protection and painting process of today's series vehicles. The collector's item was then created in the Porsche restoration workshop. A completely new 3.6 liter twin-turbo engine was implanted in the then highest power level of 450 hp (factory performance increase). Manual transmission and all-wheel drive also came off the shelf for original parts. The hand-stamped chassis number follows that of the 911, which was the last production model of the 993 Turbo to roll off the assembly line in 1998.

Euro. The unique piece issued by Porsche Classic is already a sought-after collector's item. The net profit of 2,589,027 euros goes to the non-profit Ferry Porsche Foundation, which was founded this year on the occasion of the '70 years of Porsche sports cars' anniversary.

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Only 345 examples of the 911 Turbo S with its 450 hp engine were built. They are also considered classics in demand. As a special highlight for all 993 owners, Porsche Classic is also offering two original parts in the “Project Gold” look. With the new aluminum-look fuel filler cap, available for all 911 models from 1980 to 1998, and the tailpipe cover in black, Porsche customers can refine their vehicles on request.


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