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Porsche 911 R: Speculator surcharge of 1 million euros

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Price explosion Porsche 911 R
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B already as the Porsche 911 R only as a rumor the media haunted, the first prospective buyers were lining up at Porsche. When the 911 R became more specific, it was clear that it was sold out long before its presentation, all 991 copies in firm hands.

This advertiser is asking for a whopping 745,000 euros for the 911 R.

Porsche 911 R should cost 745,000 euros

Some of them can still let go. The first examples of the puristic 911 are listed on the online car trading platform 'mobile.de' - as 'accident-free used vehicles'. The prices demanded by private providers make you sit up and take notice: 745,000 euros or 1.25 million euros are called for the 911 R. At Porsche, the 911 R at a basic price of 189,544 euros.

Another seller is even asking for 1.25 million euros.

Okay, the first advertiser seems to be a few at Porsche Cross on theHaving made a list of options. The new price of the 911 (reconfigured around 203,000 euros - yes, the configurator at Porsche still carries the 911 R) is still a long way from the price called up.

Second offer for 1.25 million euros

One day later, a second advertisement appeared. This time a whopping 1.25 million euros are required. The buyer then even has to wait until October for the 911 R to be taken over and get used to driving up to 4,000 km. The advertiser also justifies his demands: 'A buyer's premium of € 1 million is a word, I know, but the car is worth every penny. If the price is not achievable, I may go down. The floor is included, however € 1 million. Otherwise I'll keep it. ' So acting obviously pointless.

It was also clear that the Porsche 911 R, as an absolute collector's item, would also become an object of speculation. This price explosion is not necessarily in sight.


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