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Porsche 718 production: Osnabrück has to help out

In order to meet the high customer demand, Porsche will also build the 718 models in Lower Saxony from mid-2023.

Porsche is relocating parts of the production from the main Porsche plant in Zuffenhausen to the Volkswagen site in Osnabrück in Lower Saxony. The carmaker announced this on Thursday (June 23, 2022) in Stuttgart. The overflow production of the 718 model series should start there from mid-2023.,

Porsche is thus reacting to the high customer demand for the Boxster and Cayman models. The relocation of production to Osnabrück should not have any impact on the number of employees in Zuffenhausen.

Osnabrück has helped out before

Osnabrück is not new production territory for the sports car manufacturer. The Cayenne and the 718 Cayman were made there in the past. The main plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen is working at full capacity with the production of the 911 and 718 models. Porsche is pursuing an ambitious e-mobility strategy: the 718 series is to be fully electrified by the middle of the decade. In 2030, the proportion of all new vehicles with a fully electric drive should be more than 80 percent. Despite the electrification, the 718 and 911 model series will continue to be produced on the 2-door line in Zuffenhausen in the future.,


In order to be able to satisfy the high customer demand for the models of the 718 series, Porsche will also have the two-seaters built by VW in Osnabrück from mid-2023.


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