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Porsche 717/718 (2019): Pajun comes as an e-athlete

Porsche 717/718 (2019)
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Porsche 718 should drive up to 400 kilometers

The Porsche Pajun, the working title, is a small version of the Panamera and should compete with the Tesla Model S 2019 on the Coming to the market, a uto motor und sport had found out from corporate circles. Thanks to the improved battery technology, the range should be at least 400 kilometers.

Meanwhile, pictures for the patent application show what the new architecture will look like. The platform is based on the MSB modular system and will be modified for use with the new drive. This includes, among other things, that the platform is more rigid and that the battery offers sufficient protection. Porsche has patented an 'Impact Plate' that runs between the battery cells and from sill to sill. The aim is to mitigate the consequences of a side crash.

Compact design provides space in the interior

The modified one The 'eMSB' platform provides for the electric Pajun, which could operate as a Porsche 718 or a Porsche 717 , with two electric motors in the rear, similar to the R8 e-tron. With a compact design of electric motors and motor control, a significant trunk can also be created. The battery stacks are located in the middle of the vehicle floor.

Contrary to previous statements, a fuel cell drive is not planned, even if the patent drawings outline the possibility. Incidentally, there is no technical cooperation with Audi in the development of the electric Porsche - with the exception of inductive charging technology, which both carmakers share.

Porsche 717 is around 4.60 long

The Zuffenhausen-based company gave a first glimpse of the Porsche Pajun (Panamera Junior) back in 2012 at the Paris Motor Show. The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo anticipated the facelift of the Panamera, featured a new plug-in hybrid powertrain and a stylish estate car. At 4.60 meters in length, the new model is significantly smaller than the Panamera, should offer enough space for four people and cost around 150.00 euros


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