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Porsche 356 No. 1 Roadster on a world tour: Undrivable replica

Porsche 356 No. 1 roadster on a world tour
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D one reads that tradition meets modernity yes every now and then. This was last the case at Porsche Classic when an original 356 Roadster was measured with a 3D scanner. What for? They wanted to reconstruct number one. The first 356 ever built from 1948. Not an easy task, if it is to be done with the tools and working methods from back then. One day, the plumber Friedrich Weber needed two months just for the aluminum cladding of the sports car. Work far away from automated processes and robotic arms.

In order to put the replica on the wheels, old construction drawings, photographs and diaries were evaluated and compared. The first thing to do was to separate out the numerous deviations, since the 356 Roadster from 1948 had been damaged, repaired and converted several times. After all, the replica should reflect the original condition of the classic. The body, for example, tapered towards the rear, with a pronounced nose-tip at the front. The trunk lid extended from the passenger compartment to the bumper - features that the “number 1” had lost over the years.

Handcrafted replica

With the help of original wooden molds and test tools, it was finally created handcrafted replica of the 70-year-old roadster. Even the color formula of the paintwork was used at Porsche Classic to mix it, after a few layer samples were taken under the dashboard. Because the original vehicle received a few fresh paintwork throughout its life. The fact that even the knotting of the carpets corresponds to that of seventy years ago should open the hearts of die-hard traditionalists wide open.

Not only the choice of materials, but also the method of production are based on the conditions of 1948.

You are right to ask yourself why nobody can drive this piece of jewelry. Well, that's not because Porsche would ban it. The problem is closer to the base. The reconstructors simply did without an engine. While the front axle, along with the steering and steering wheel, comes from a VW Beetle according to the original, the rear axle only consists of a tube.

However, this is not a problem insofar as the Porsche 356 is 'number 1' Roadster is merely a show car that is intended to underline the historical significance of the model for the brand. And as such a dedicated “brand ambassador”, the show car is now on a world tour. From Zuffenhausen, the tour leads through the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in Great Britain, but the USA, Canada, China and South Africa are also on the travel list. If you don't want to fly that far, you also have the opportunity to admire the number 1 in the Stuttgart Porsche Museum from July to September 2018.

If you want to indulge in Porsche nostalgia until then, you will find in Our picture gallery shows the most beautiful advertising posters from the Zuffenhausen-based company from 1951 onwards.


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