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Porsche 356 maintenance costs: The ABCs of Porsche 356 maintenance

Porsche 356 maintenance costs
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W today he would like to fulfill his dream of a Porsche 356 that realizes very quickly: The days when these cars were still available for little money are long gone. But you shouldn't be tempted to buy a cheaper, only moderate copy. Any body work that arises is expensive because of the welded-on fenders, and this is also the case with many technical repairs - which we are talking about here.

Valve clearance control every 10,000 km

If you ignore the versions with a vertical shaft motor, a Porsche 356 is basically a technically uncomplicated sports car. In good condition, it has what it takes to be an endurance runner and requires tolerable maintenance.

Work such as changing spark plugs on the Porsche 356 costs little if there are no complications. When changing the engine oil and filter, the plate screwed to the oil pan should always be removed in order to clean the oil strainer and the magnet. A distributor test bench is helpful to check the distributor and its centrifugal adjustment, and it is easier to adjust the dwell angle after replacing the breaker contact.

Before the valve clearance is checked and adjusted, which is advisable every 10,000 kilometers Porsche 356 specialist Wolfgang Reile from Classic Power recommends making sure that the rocker arm bridges are firmly seated: 'If you were to tighten them after adjusting the valve clearance, the valve clearance could change again.'

Additional fuel filter recommended

There are quite a few things to say about the fuel supply for the Porsche 356. First of all there is the series-mounted filter in an aluminum container below the fuel tap, which must be cleaned regularly. Because this is only a coarse filter, Reile also uses a fine filter in the fuel line. This reduces the risk of dirt particles jamming the float needle valve in the carburetor, causing it to overflow and ignite the fuel.

Another component of the Porsche 356 fuel supply is the mechanical fuel pump. If it is worn, it could be used renew, because this component has been available again for some time. But the new price is around 530 euros, which is why it is cheaper to buy the pumpovertake. Because the housing is usually still intact.

Larger expenses may arise if the carburetor of the Porsche 356 causes problems. The cause is usually worn out throttle valve shafts. 'You can see it in the brown spots on the carburetor, which come from leaking and dried gasoline, but of course you notice the defect while driving,' says Heinz Kauhsen from CRC in Würselen near Aachen.

Ask for carburetors and heat exchangers According to experts

The Porsche 356 has Zenith and Solex carburettors, although the second generation of Solex carburettors are less loved by many screwdrivers because they are considered more difficult to adjust and are often replaced by Weber carburettors. Wolfgang Reile gets along very well with these Solex 40 PII-4s with their split shafts. He has worked his way into their secrets and particularly appreciates the fact that they enable jerk-free acceleration from lower speeds.

One of the more expensive repairs is replacing the heat exchangers, which in the case of models with the old heating system is over 700 euros to book. However, anyone who owns a Porsche 356 with the rare newer heater pays around 1,600 euros for the heat exchanger alone.

Now at the latest, those who believe that driving a Porsche 356 are low-cost are pricking up their ears. You have to be very clear: As soon as repairs are due that require certain spare parts, it can be very expensive.

Parts costs are high with the Porsche 356

The parts suppliers are rewarded princely . This is the only way to explain that the overhaul of a four-cylinder boxer engine with bumpers and rocker arms can cost 12,000 euros and more, depending on the effort and parts required. The overhaul of a Porsche 356 engine with the composite Hirth crankshaft mounted on roller bearings is even more expensive, and we don't even want to talk about an overhaul of the upright shaft engine here.

However, once the engines are made, they hold very long. In particular, Kauhsen considers the engines of the Porsche 356 with 75 hp and 60 hp to be very durable, 'after all, many 60 hp machines used to be in use as stationary units. However, those who value extensive tuning measures naturally limit their durability.

It also becomes expensive when the wear and tear on the steering of the Porsche 356 has become too great, even if you are content with an overhaul kit for the ZF steering system installed from September 1957 instead of a new part that is difficult to obtain The cost of the 3,000 mark. For the previously installed VW steering, which according to Kauhsen already had a bit more play, you have to be satisfied with used parts or convert to the ZF version.

Lubricate the front axle every 2,500 km

Who as often as possible or at least every 2,500 kilometers theIf the front axle of the Porsche 356 is greased, it can keep the wear in check for a long time, but at some point it will be necessary - the stub axles must be bushed out and the flange bolts replaced. At least 700 euros can then be expected. 'However, you have to take into account the offset between the lower and upper support lever,' explains Reile. This can be corrected with the help of ten shims (for the camber adjustment). However, if it is not within the scope specified by the factory, the carrying levers are crooked and must be replaced. Then it costs significantly more.

Replacing worn rubber on the rear axle struts can be more expensive than expected, 'if you discover that the spring struts are rusted and you have to blast them, polish them and seal them again,' so Reile.

1,100 euros per brake drum

It is by no means cheap if the Porsche 356 A or B has new ones Brake drums are required. This is the case when the wear limit has been reached, 'or the latter has been damaged by corrosion between the aluminum drum and the shrunk-on cast ring,' says Porsche expert Udo Scharf from Wuppertal. A brake drum costs around 1,100 euros.

The estimated 3,000 euros for a gearbox overhaul of the Porsche 356, which includes new bearings and synchronizer rings, are also not the end of the story. Additional parts such as bevel gears and crown gears or a differential gear housing, which can sometimes have hairline cracks, can cause costs to explode.

So what makes life with a Porsche 356 so expensive are primarily those Parts. If you want to save on mechanic hours and entrust the repair to a cheap screwdriver, you should be careful. Most of them are sure to manage, but terms such as true to the original or careful they usually have nothing to do with. Where that is particularly important to ensure driving in its most beautiful form.

Service tip Porsche 356

A Porsche 356 in good condition needs regular lubrication. Otherwise, all components affected by wear should be checked at certain intervals or, if necessary, repaired, replaced or adjusted, as in the case of the valve clearance.

When buying or maintaining a 356, the Porsche 356 Club Germany will be happy to provide you with important tips ( www.porsche-356-club-deutschland.de ). The club is represented with regular tables throughout Germany. The addresses of competent contact persons are also known there. On the website www.faszination356.de there is a list of identical parts installed in the 356 other vehicles like the VW Beetle.


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